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An alcoholic.

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Q: What is the translation for the British slang Pizzer?
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What is the meaning of the word woof in British slang?

In British Slang, a "woof" is a male homosexual.

What is the British slang for piggy bank?

According to BritishSlangs, "Piggy Bank", is actually British slang.

Where can you find a website for the translation of Aussie slang?

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What is British slang for stolen?


What is chuffed?'s the british slang))

What is British slang for foolish?


What is British slang for exactly?

"spot on" ?

What is British slang for gay?


What is the British slang for laptop?


What does Codswallop mean in British slang?

Codswallop is British slang for excuses or lies. For example: 'Your dog ate your homework? What a load of codswallop!'

What does aggro mean in British slang?

In British slang, an aggro means someone or something is a hassle. For example "James is so aggro!"

What is the british slang for stereo?

"Raster blaster" would be one British slang term for a stereo. That is related to the American term of "ghetto blaster" or "boom box." A "rattlehead" is British slang for someone who listens to a personal stereo in public.

What is the translation of the cockney rhyming slang Persian rugs?


What does bee's knees mean in British slang?

Bee's knees is British slang for 'fabulous!'. For example: 'Cor ol'chap, that meal was the bee's knees!'

What is shaggin?

It is british slang for Having sex.

What is British slang for great and wonderful?


What is a slang term for british people?

The Brits

What does wacco mean?

it is british slang for execellent

What is British slang for the meaning thanks?


What is British slang for crazy?


What is a British slang word for ear?


What does slang language means?

Slang is language constructs that are indigenous to a particular geographic area, or a certain group of people. All languages have slang, but American English is probably richest in slang. Differences in American and British slang sometimes cause embarrassing moments. In British slang, to "knock someone up" is to wake them from a nap. That slang expression has a very different meaning in the USA.

What does aggie mean in British slang?

In British slang, the word "aggie" means agitating. It is directed at a person. For example "For crying out loud he is so aggie!"

What is the Spanish translation for the word carnal?

It's slang for "bro" or "homie."