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What is the treatment of cerebral atrophy and how to protect from it?


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August 28, 2008 4:26AM

i also dont know perfectly but i thing it has a long and a painful jouney fo cure, and the chance of cur is very low

Well, that answer is very general. I'll try improving on it:

You ask about treatment, it all depends what kind of cerebral atrophy you have, cortical? frontal? etc.

It depends on your age too. It can be linked to early schizophrenia, it can be linked to depression, o alcoholism or other drug dependence, to a head injury, and also to neurological diseases such as non demented Parkinson disease and other similar neurological illnesses.

As you get older too, general cerebral atrophy is more frequent and can lead to dementia and memory losses.

Treatment: there are no known treatment except some antixolitic to help sleep and calm down, abstain from drinking alcohol, do mental exercises such as crosswords to make sure there is no further atrophy. If the atrophy is linked to alcoholism, when you stop, you will have stopped the atrophy but it isn't reversible.

How to protect from it: avoid alcohol and drugs, protect against head injuries, do mental exercises, take vitamine b1 supplements, have a healthy lifestyle. These are the best protections.

I hope this is helpful.