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What is the truth now?

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Human Society seems to have made the truth into a personal decision... everything is right as long as it feels right and doesn't hurt anybody else.

It that the right attitude?

Truth is accuracy. The dictionary defines "truth" as a fact that has been verified, so I suggest that the initial idea is really incorrect, and a flaw of the thinking of society.

If a fact has to be verified to become truth, what methods of verification are there?

If I hold a glass of water with red dye in it, and a glass with blue dye in it, and state that the water will turn purple, you would believe me, because you know that it will happen based on past verifications. But perhaps a 5 year old child would need to see those 2 waters combined before they would believe me.

However, if I did that in front of the 5 year old, and then held a glass with yellow and blue dyes, and told them it would turn green, they would probably be quite accxepting of that fact before they saw it.

I think this works with Bible prophecy as well. God in The Bible has said the Jews would be scattered, but then regathered to the same land they came from - Israel. Deuteronomy 30 v 1-5

And it happened.

After 2000 years of separation, prejudice, abuse and persecution, after years of attempts by many countries to assimilate them into their own culture, the Jews have retained their national identity. All odds would say they should not exist, but God's word said they would.

And so we can also believe that what He has said will happen in the future will also occur. He is sending Messiah to the earth to set up the kingdom that He promised. He is sending Salvation to the Jews, and to all people.

Read your bible, it has been verified, the facts are true. All you have to do is read with an open mind and open heart to whatever the Word says.

I would suggest that if you want some help - not people telling you what the Bible says, but helping you come to an understanding of it yourself - contact your local Christadelphians. They are bible students who - like yourself - are trying to find out what the truth is. They wont settle for a set of dogmas. They wont let you sit back and come along for the ride. You need to find the truth for yourself...

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Truth is not just accuracy - it is also an absolute. The concept is often conflated with religious faith. However, faith is a personal decision, but truth is the same whether you are a Hindu, Christian or an Atheist. Each religion can point to some facts that are special or unique to that religion, but that alone does not prove the fundamental truth of the religion. Atheists say that the truth is that there is no God, but that Christians do not understand that truth.

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