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Q: What is the type of writing that Muslims use to decorate their places of worship?
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What are the names of the places where Christians and Muslims go to worship?

Muslims go to Mosques and Christians go to churches.

What were some of the places that the muslims worship?

Muslims don't worship any building. Even, the Kaaba (that is the most sacred Islamic building) is not worshiped by Muslims but respected and honored by Muslims. If you wish to read about places where Muslims worship (both houses of worship and sacred sites) read the Related Question below.

Where are two places where Muslims went to worship?

There are three places of worship where Muslims should go: Makkah, Madina and Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusulum

What is the reason for difference in places of worship and forms of worship amongst Muslims?

no one knows for sure?

Where do mΓ»lims go to worship?

I presume you mean Muslims. The place of worship for Muslims is called a Masjid, also called a Mosque in some places.

What are some famous places or buildings where Muslims worship?

Masjid-ul-Haram (the Ka'aba) in Makka Mukarrama, Masjid-un-Nabi in Madina Munawwara, and Masjid-i-Aqsa in Jerusalem are the most sacred places of worship for the Muslims.

What places do Muslims worship?

Muslims can worship anywhere, at home, in the shops, in the open streets or garden, airports, railway stations, as long as it is a clean place. Congregational prayers are held in the place of worship called the Masjid.h

Do Poland worship church or temple?

Where you worship depends on your religion, not your nationality. People in Poland worship in many different types of places. Most Christians in Poland worship in a church, because Christians worship in a church. Most Jews in Poland worship in a temple or synogogue, because that is where Jews worship. Muslims in Poland worship in Mosques, because that is where Muslims worship. Many religions (including Christians, Jews, and Muslims) also worship at home.

Does Islam's religion have any special places of worship?

Yes, Muslims go to the Mosq on Fridays

Are Islamic holy places called synagogues?

No. Synagogues are Jewish houses of worship. Muslims pray in a mosque.

What are the names of the places of worship for the three monotheistic religions?

Church for Christians, Synagogue for Jewish, and Mosque for Muslims

What are the similarities between mosques and churchs?

Mosques and churches are both places of worship Mosques have dome on top and Muslims worship there. Churches have either a spire or tower on top and christians worship there.

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