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What is the use for barium?

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What is barium use for?

Barium is used for pigments

How do doctors use salt barium chloride and what do they use it for?

Barium chloride is toxic and hasn't medical use; barium sulfate is used for internal radiography as a contrast substance.

What is the use of barium in therapeutics enema?

Barium is opaque on X Ray, so it is used as a 'contrast medium'.Barium enemas are given before x-rays of the bowel so that abnormalities can be seen and diagnosed. Barium enemas are only one diagnostic tool a doctor will use to diagnose a bowel problem.

What are four compounds of barium?

Barium fluoride, barium chloride, barium iodide, barium hydroxide.

If you use barium for a cat scan will your stool be white?

Yes, it will be white for couple of days until all barium is not out of your body

Does barium form barium peroxide or barium oxide?

Barium oxide

How can I use barium sulfate in dye?

I would not recommend that at all. Barium sulfate, like all barium compounds, is highly toxic, using it as a dye that will come in human contact is not a good idea.

What is the decision to use a barium enema based on?

The decision to perform a barium enema is based on a person's history of altered bowel habits

How can compounds that contain strontium and barium could be use in fireworks?

Because Strontium and Barium provide brilliant red and orange colors.

DOES charcoal remove barium?

In some laboratory test/experiments, impurities and barium can be removed from a material through use of activated charcoal.

Is barium renewable?

Barium is a non renewable resource as it is mined from deep within the earth. Barium is present in 0.0425 percent in the Earth's crust and 13 µg/L in sea water. The deposits are present all over the world. However as Barium has a small commercial use, it is likely to last long.This main source of barium is barite a barium sulfate mineral.

How can you drink barium ions without dying?

Barium solutions (which contain barium ions) are toxic. As regards drinking them, it's a very bad idea. But as the question is being asked in conjunction with X-ray and Medical Technologies categories, the query may be directed at the use of barium as a contrast agent. Barium sulfate, which is used for contrast in some imaging, is insoluble in water, which is the way it is given, and that means no barium ions. That allows its use without actually poisoning a patient. The compound is, however, something that the body doesn't like, and it can leave a patient with some gastrointestinal issues after it is taken. These issues are not generally severe, and that makes the use of barium sulfate relatively safe for use as prescribed.

What is a slogan to sell barium?

barium barium barium we eat it we garden it so why not need it its fun cool and soft looking barium the element for you

How does barium occur naturally?

Barium sulphate and barium carbonate are two common minerals in which barium is found.

Why is barium carbonate toxic while barium sulphate is not?

Barium sulfate is insoluble in water, while barium carbonate will dissolve. As barium carbonate dissolves in water, it dissociates, and the barium ions are freed. The barium ions are toxic, and that is the crux of the issue.

Why is barium important?

because if we didn't have barium we wouldn't be able to make various things like medicines or use it to clean trace gases from vacuums.

What is the cpt code for barium esophagram?

The CPT code to use for a sophagram or barium swallow is 74220. This test is administered when a patient has pain or difficulty when swallowing.

Where can barium be found?

Barium can not be found but it can be made with heating barium carbonate

How many atoms of fluorine in barium?

Fluorine is an element and barium is also an element. There is no fluorine in barium and not barium in fluorine.

How many moles of Barium in 0.01 moles of Barium nitrate?

The formula of barium nitrate is Ba(NO3)2 . . . Therefore, there are 0.01 moles of Barium in Barium Nitrate

What is the balanced equation for barium sulfate is oxidized to barium sulfate by atmospheric oxygen?

Barium sulphate to barium sulphate is NO CHANGE!

What is a barium cat scan?

scanning with barium is knownas barium cat scan

What is the positive ion for Barium sulfate?

In Barium sulfate? Barium Ba(2+)

Where do you find barium?

where do you find barium == ==

What is barium smybol?

Barium is Ba