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Q: What is the use of desert oak tree?
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Why would an oak tree and a cactus not do well if they switched homes?

If an Oak tree lived in the desert it would die because it wouldn't get enough water to keep itself growing

Does an oak tree use photosynthesis?

Yes. Every tree has photosynthesis

Why do people put a thin pipe into the trunk of desert oak tree?

To drink water

What is the Casuarina tree?

The Casuarina tree is an Australian Desert Oak tree of course native to Australia. (I recommend going to the town of Casuarina and the Casuarina mall!)

What are two adaptations of a desert oak tree?

A structural adaptation of the desert oak tree is its roots. The roots have adapted to grow down deeper into the soil in search for water. If it was in a lush rainforest, the roots wouldn't need to grow so deep because all the water they need isn't far away.

How does an oak tree use energy?

it can grow, sprout leaves, etc.

What is on a oak tree?

The are called Galls.

Is an oak tree a summer tree?

An oak tree is a summer and fall tree.

Is a white oak tree the same as a oak tree?

The White Oak, Quercus alba is a member of the Oak family.

Where can you find oak tree leaves?


Desert oak tree has very few leave and local people put a thin pipe into the trunk of this tree to drink water. Is it true?

Yes,of course it is true!

Is oak a tree or shrub?

An oak is a tree.

What unit is best to use for measuring the width of oak tree leaves?


What will grow from the seed of an oak tree?

An oak tree.

What type of tree is an oak?

an oak tree much?

What is oak tree in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of OAK TREE: marang

Average height of an oak tree?

the average height of an oak tree is 60ft the average height of an oak tree is 60ft

Is oak coniferous?

An Oak is a deciduous tree not an evergreen. The acorn is the seed of the Oak tree

What is the largest oak tree in the world?

The largest oak tree is the Dr. Oak from Pokemon.

What part of the oak tree do caterpillars eat?

Yes, they do eat Oak tree, but only the leaves of the oak tree. Caterpillars eat leaves therefore they must eat leaves off the oak tree. :)

Is a oak tree a herbiver?

I believe the question to be, "Is an oak tree an herbivore?" The answer to this question is no, an oak tree is not an herbivore. Herbivores are animals that eat plants. An oak tree is a plant, not an animal, so therefore it can not be an herbivore.

What is the best wood to use in making drafting spines?

Use oak tree wood

How do you use the word oak in a sentence?

We relaxed for hours in the shade of the huge oak tree. Dad built an oak bookcase for our new office.

An oak tree lives in a forest and a cactus in the desert Why would these plants not do well if they had to switch places?

well because a tree needs water and if it lives in a desert it doesn't have any water. And a cactus can't switch because it needs alot of sun light.

What is the food chain for a oak tree?

An oak tree is a producer.