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It allows you to keep the original object untouched. In Java, objects are accessed by reference meaning that when you pass it in a function, anything done to it in the function modifies the original object directly.

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Why is java an object oriented programming language?

Java is called as OOP since it allows u to create an object of a particular type and then use that object for your further use

What is a java object?

A java object is a collection of methods and properties defined in the Java programming language.


Actually java is not purely object oriented.because we can use the primitive data types in Java.In java all those things or considered as classes and objects .So we are called java is an object oriented programming language...

Important points of oops vs pop in java?

java is object oriented language.it's a platform independent.in java we don't use pointers

What is java and java script?

Java is an object oriented language whereas Javascript is object base language.

How oops concept is implemented in java?

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. Everything in Java is an Object. Any class you create extends the Object class by default thereby making everything in Java an object. Moreover, you can use features like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation etc which are OOP concepts thereby making Java an Object Oriented Programming Language

Where object is stored on Heap or Stack in java?

an object is stored in a heap in java

This key word causes an object to be created in memory?

To instantiate a object, we use the new keyword in Java, which creates an object in memory.

What language is completely object oriented c plus plus or java?

Java is the complete object oriented Programming Language as every thing in java is an object,

Why do people object to cloning?

Some people object to cloning because it allows scientists to "act like God" in the manipulation of living organisms.

Difference object oriented language object based language?

object base: that are not use subtype or inheritence is called object base. object oriented: that use subtypes and inheritence is called object oriented e.g vb.net and java.

Can you initialize an object without constructor in java?

No. if you wish to create an object that you plan on using in a java program then the answer is NO. You cannot initialize an object of a Java class without calling the constructor.

What is the difference between cloning and seriliazation in java?

Cloning is the act of creating a new copy of an object. The new object should store all the same information as the original, but the physical data should be different.Serialization is the act of turning an Object into an array of bytes which represent the data. This is used mainly for storing objects to disk. An Object which implements the Serializable interface can be used by ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream to easily hook into the java.io package.

Why you start java program by class?

without class non of the folder can run so the java program should start in class we can use the class without object in java

Why java is certifiction?

java is a object oriented langage,that is indepentant platform. java is full object oriented language. java is access any operating system.so java is good certification of program in runtime environment.

Why do you require a object in java but not in C?

Because Java is an object-oriented language and C is a procedural language.

Is there class name as object in java?

Yes, the base class for all other Java classes is Object.

Did java oriented language works on object?

Java is an object oriented language, and it works with classes and objects.

What is the Object class parent?

Object is the topmost class in the Java Class hierarchy. There is no Class above Object. All classes in Java are implicitly derived from Object.

Why you use serialization in java?

Serialization is a technique in java using which the contents of a java object (A class instance) can be written into a flat file. This value can be unserialized or deserialized at a later point of time to create the object. Any class that implements the Serializable interface can be serialized.

Where to use this in java?

"this" is a reserved word that allows an object to refer to an instance of itself. http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/java/javaOO/thiskey.html

Why is Java called OOP Language?

Java is called Object Oriented Programming Language because in Java, you can implement all the Object Oriented methodologies (inheritance, multi-inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation) and Programing paradigm in Java is also Object Oriented.

Why java is called as truly object oriented language?

because java supports three main pillars.....(inheritance encapsulation and abstraction)..... and everything in java is OBJECT......

What is meaning Serialize in java?

Primary purpose of java serialization is to write an object into a stream, so that it can be transported through a network and that object can be rebuilt again. When there are two different parties involved, you need a protocol to rebuild the exact same object again. Java serialization API just provides you that. Other ways you can leverage the feature of serialization is, you can use it to perform a deep copy. Why I used 'primary purpose' in the above definition is, sometimes people use java serialization as a replacement for database. Just a placeholder where you can persist an object across sessions. This is not the primary purpose of java serialization. Sometimes, people say that java serialization is used for storing (to preserve the state) an object and retrieving it. They use it synonymously with database. This is a wrong perception for serialization.

Why java know as true object oriented language?

Java is not a true object-oriented language.One of the requirements for such a title is that everything must be an object. Java contains non-object primitive values (such as int, float, boolean, etc.).

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