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salt in bread dough is just for taste, the bread will be very blahnd if you don't put salt in it

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Q: What is the use of salt in making of bread?
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Why do you use salt in bread making?

The salt in bread making improves the flavor of the bread and balances the action of yeast.

Why salt is added in bread making?

For flavour

How does salt help the yeast in bread making?

it doesnt

Function of salt in bread making?

Salt has several functions in bread making. The main function is to help the yeast ferment which is required for the bread to rise. It also helps add texture and taste.

What happens when you leave salt out of bread?

You get a very bland bread, but try making croutons with it!

Can you use bread for making wine?

No, but you can use bread yeast.

Why do you use butter in the making of bread?

You use butter for making bread that way your bread is not dry when you are going to eat it. This is Smiley :)

Does salt kill yeast in bread making?

know its dose'nt

When was salt added to bread?

Salt was added to bread around 345 bce. Jesus Christ Super Star was the one who discovered Salt in a jar. Then at the last supper, he was making bread and decided to put the salt in it.

Why you use yeast for bread making?

So the bread you are making will rise and not be flat.

Can you use bread for making yeast?

yeast is in the bread

What do we use salt for in baked bread?

Flavor. Bread bakes quite well without salt, but tastes bland.

What was the conflict on the short story the bread of salt?

why the bread is salt in the bread of salt

What is a simple recipe for making bread?

You,can use:Wheat,flour,water,salt,and yeast.

Ingredients of bread?

Bread typically contains flour, water, salt, sugar, and yeast. Depending on the bread recipe, it may also contain milk and fat (usually butter). The exact ingredients of the bread will depend on the type of bread that you are making and the specific recipe you are using. (Examples: the white bread recipe I use contains milk, butter, flour, sugar, salt, and yeast; the whole wheat bread contains flour, sugar, salt, yeast, and water.)

Can you use flour instead of bread when making bread pudding?

No! Bread pudding requires bread. Flour is an ingredient of bread, but it is not bread.

What is the purpose of salt in making bread?

Salt is very important in bread. It affects not only the flavor but also the rising action of the yeast, the texture of the loaf and the crust. Without salt the flavor of the loaf can be bland.

What are the materials used for making bread?

Bread Mix, Water and a Bread Making machine.

Can you use bread to absorb too much salt in a recipe?


Do you have to use liqueur when making bread pudding?

you do not have to use alcoholic beverage to make bread pudding. I never do.

What type of salt do you use making slushies?

rock salt

What did the middle colonies use Rye for?

making bread.

Why do we have to use warm water when making bread?

Warm water (not hot) activates the yeast more efficiently when making bread

Do you add salt to bread flour?

Yes. Bread flour has no salt in it, and the salt actually serves two purposes in bread making. One is for flavor, of course, and the other function it serves is to help keep the yeast in check. In other words, it prevents the yeast from overdeveloping.

What can you use instead of eggs when making pumpkin bread?

You need to use eggs when you do any type of bread. You can make bread without eggs. :)