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What is the uses of thermometer?

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to measure the temperature of a person or animals (living things) to see if their temperature is too high than the average temp.

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Related Questions

Who uses a thermometer?

Any one who wants to find out what temperature it is somewhere uses a thermometer.

Uses of thermometer?

A thermometer is used to identify the temperature of an object.

What kind of thermometer does a veterinary doctor uses to find the temperature of domestic animals?

clinical thermometer or a rectal thermometer

What is the uses of the thermometer?

Measures temperature

What uses of thermometer?

to measure temperature

Who uses a thermometer and a uniform?

A nurse

Uses of alcohol thermometer?

An alcohol thermometer is a liquid-in-glass thermometer which uses ethyl alcohol to gauge temperatures. The alcohol rises and falls as it contracts or expands when a change in temperature occurs.

What is the difference between a liquid and an air thermometer?

liquid thermometer measures the lowest temperature while air thermometer measures the lowest temperature of the day. liquid uses liquid and air uses air.

Uses of laboratory thermometer?

to measure temperature!!

Kinds of thermometer and their uses?

Three types of Thermometer:- i) Centigrate ii) Kelvin & iii) Fahrenheit

What are the uses of lab thermometer?

A lab thermometer is used for measuring the tempurature of liquids in the science lab. :)

Uses of six maximum and minimum thermometer?

principle of six's minimam & maximum thermometer

A special switch that uses a built in thermometer?

The answer is thermostat.

What is the temperature and units that a laboratory thermometer uses?


What are the uses of six' thermometer?

Six's thermometer is a thermometer which can measure the maximum and minimum temperaturesreached over a period of time, usually during a day.

Different kinds of thermometer and their uses?

Different types of thermometer and their uses 1. liquid-in-glass thermometer: weather recording and laboratory uses. (Temperature sensor: laboratory uses.<--this may not count as one of the thermometers XD ) 2. infra-red thermometer: measuring body temperature. 3. rotary thermometer: measuring the temperature of ovens and freezers. 4. resistance thermometer: measuring temperatures from -200 degree C to 1000 degree C, e.g. engines and ovens, etc. 5. thermistor thermometer: measuring the temperature of human body and electrical appliances. 6. liquid crystal thermometer: measuring the temperature of human body and fish tanks. ( the color of liquid crystal changes with temperature.)

Difference between laboratory and clinical thermometer?

A clinical thermometer is used to measure a human body, and the laboratory thermometer is used to boil water and other lab uses.

What are two uses of expanding liquids?

Thermometer and car radiator

Who uses the thermometer?

Anybody who wants to take the temperature of something.

What are the uses of thermometer?

Only one use, measure temperature

What are the 10 measuring devices and its uses?

thermometer,measuring cylinder

What are the uses of laboratory thermometer?

To tell you the temperature of what is being measured.

How a thermometer uses the thermal expansion of a material to measure temperature?

The thermal expansion of a material is proportional to the temperature and the thermometer is calibrated.

Can you get hiv from sharing a thermometer?

Yes you can , only if the the person who has it uses the thermometer before you. -You can also get it by a tattoo needle , Saliva & And sex

What is the advantage of bimetal thermometer?

A biometallic thermometer measures temperature. It uses a differential thermal expansion of metals that are bonded together into a strip. Another name for these thermometers is differential thermometer.