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What is the usual choke on a Stevens Model 311A shotgun?


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On the one I own the right is mod. the left is full.

My 16 ga that I bought when I was 11, I'm 53 now is full and modified. It's killed countless rabbits squirrels, pheasants, quail, ducks and other assorted animals including a deer. Great first gun, but I still love it.

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AnswerTHE MODEL NUMBER DOES NOT MATCH ANY MARKSMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN. IF THAT NUMBER IS ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE LOWER TANG NEAR THE STOCK MOUNTING SCREW IT IS A SERIAL NUMBER NOT A MODEL NUMBER.The "236" has to do with a parts number or production date. It is not a serial number in the usual sense. I own more than 100 of the Stevens "boys rifles," and every one of them bears a three-digit number -- not likely I would have that many low-serial-number rifles. (Wish I did!)

Its called a slug choke you can buy them a Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, probably online in a bunch of places, and walmart might sell them but try elsewhere first. **************** A rifled slug may safely be fired through any choke except 3- an "extra full" choke, which is non-standard, used in turkey shoots- or a variable choke- the fingers of the choke may be broken by a slug- and last- ANY shotgun that the maker says not to use slugs. Some are "overbored"- barrel inside diameter larger than usual- and slug can get a bit sideways. MODIFIED usually give best accuracy, but will vary from gun to gun.

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This was a trade name made for Belknap Hardware, and from the list of makers (Crescent, H&R, Stevens) it's unlikely to be a high quality gun, but I could be wrong. The plating and engraving were probably not factory original. If this is a double barrel, the usual quote is $150-$250, and for a single shot, $35-$75.

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Blue Book says the 59 series was made from 1936 to 45 but does not have an individual listing for it. The Standard Catalog only identifies it as a utility grade bolt action with a tube magazine. The usual value for something like this would be $75-$100 depending on condition. If it is a .410 it may bring up to twice as much from the right buyer. yaer is 1949 and the book price is 75/125 i got this from the 16th edition of firearms guide book hope this helps I know that they were sometime in the late 50's and early 60's.

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