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How many empty 12 ounce aluminum cans equal one pound?

Rounded: 30 cans.

How many aluminum cans equals 1 pound?

Assuming standard 12oz cans that are dry and clean (no residue), between 32 and 35 cans equal one pound.

How much is one pound of crushed aluminum cans worth?

55 cents

How much money can aluminum recycling save you in one year?

It depends on how many cans you get in a year, but aluminum cans are bringing in about 82 Cents per pound right now. The more cans you can collect and turn in, the more money you will be able to get from turning them in. A pound of Aluminum is about 30 cans, so for every 30 cans, you will get 82 cents.

How much do you get in return for one pound of Aluminum cans?

Aluminum Prices verry from place to place It's usely around $0.25 to $2.5

How many twelve ounce aluminum cans equal one pound?

It takes 31.92 empty cans to make a pound. ____________________________________________________________________ I got 29.09 cans per 16 ounces (1 pound) at .55 ounces per can. But, all and all, if you remember 30 empty cans per pound you will be good to go. Around here it's $0.48 per pound of aluminum. Check with your areas recycling center and start making a difference!

How many cans weigh one pound?

Approximately 21 cans to one US pound.

What is the current price for scrap aluminum?

44 cents a pound for aluminum cans. if you are a scrapper collecting siding and such, then i think its only 40 cents or 41 cents a pound. i think a case of beer is about a little less than a pound empty cans. just imagine how many empty cases of beer you need to drink to buy another one for 12 bucks prices may be different around places. i priced a few places in the Chicago area. Baltimore metal inc pays 75 cents a pound for aluminum cans elgin recycle 44 cents a pound south shore is 35 cents a pound. Average is 40 cents a pound Scrap aluminum pricing depends on how clean/prepared your aluminum scrap is as well as the grade of aluminum scrap metal. Some basic pricing as of June 2011 is Aluminum Cans $0.67/lb Aluminum Cans - Crushed $0.70/lb Painted Aluminum Siding $0.60/lb Extruded Aluminum $0.70/lb Sheet Aluminum $0.52/lb Always make sure that the scrap yard you are dealing with is paying close to Comex/LME Pricing.

How many aluminum cans make one aluminum baseball bat?


What are the main uses of aluminum?

One is soda cans.

How many aluminum cans are there in one kilogram?


How many cans of Coke equal one pound?

How big are the cans? I have seen 2,7 fl.oz. cans (the small ones on airplanes) and 16 oz cans. The 16 oz. can would weigh about a pound.

How many 12 ounce cans equal one pound?

one and a quarter, 12 ounce cans equals to one pound because one pounds equals to 16 ounce.

How does recycling cans compare with making them new?

Cans, steel and aluminum, are 100% recyclable.Making one new can out of aluminum ore takes TWENTY TIMES the energy that it does to make one new can using recycled cans.Every time you recycle ONE aluminum can, you save enough energy to run a TV for three hours!

How many cans of paints for 4 wheels aluminum?

About one litre will do them.

One way in which all magnets are alike?

They stick to aluminum cans

How many aluminum cans make up one bicycle?



What was the value of one pound in 1963

Cost for one pound of aluminum?

Depends on the type of aluminum. Aluminum price varies depends on what its alloyed with.

What is the value of one pound 1991?

It is one pound!

How many 16 ounce cans equal a one pound can?

1 (16 ounces=1 pound)

How many aluminum beer cans are needed to make an airplane?

I found one statement that a 747-400 has 147,000 pounds of high-strength aluminum.It takes about 32 empty beer cans to make 1 pound. So 32 cans x 147,000 pounds = 4,704,000 cans. (4 million 704 thousand)That is 784,000 six packs or 196,000 cases. I drink about 6 beers a day. I think it would take me 2,148 years to go through enough cans to get the 147,000 pounds.

How do they recycle aluminum cans?

Products in cans are purchased, consumed and cans are disposed. If disposal is not driven to recycling, garbage collectors transport cans with any other trash to sanitary embankment. Cans are then collected in the embankment, by an organized process or by poor people in search for valuable items at the embankment to sell and make some money.Cans are sold to junk-dealers. Junk-dealers may have the ability to crush the cans or sell to someone who does it.Then cans go to an aluminum second level casting company. Melted aluminum is turned into ingots which are laminated in a rolling mill. A can factory produces new (recycled) cans which are filled with products and shipped to store and a new cycle is initiated.Curiosities:1) Beverage cans can have a life cycle between 30 and 45 days.2) Electricity savings between producing one single aluminum can and recycling it is enough to keep a TV working for 3 hours or a 100 Watts lamp for 20 hours.3) One pound, kilo, ton of recycled aluminum saves 5 times the same amount of bauxite, the core mineral to produce aluminum.

How many sweet potatoes equal one pound?

how many cans equal 1 pound of sweet potatoes

What do you do with cans that recycle?

Did you know that every year around 5 billion aluminum drink cans are sold in the UK? That's a lot of fizzy pop and beer!Alcan estimates that every household in the UK consumes around 200 aluminum drink cans every year. Each one of these can be recycled back into new drink cans over and over again.Recycling aluminum cans saves energy and natural resources, and also reduces the pressure on landfill sites.If all the aluminum cans sold were recycled there would be around 14 million fewer dustbins emptied into landfill sites every year!Aluminium cans that are recycled in the UK are melted down and turned into ingots of aluminum which are used to make new cans. This is called closed loop recycling, because old cans go in and metal to make new cans comes out.How can you tell if a drink can is made of aluminum?Around 75% of drink cans are made of aluminum. An easy way to check is to test the side of a can with a magnet - if the magnet doesn't stick it's aluminum. Aluminium cans are lighter than steel and the metal is more shiny - if you compare the base of a steel can to one made of aluminum you can see the difference.To find out more about aluminum can recycling, click here, and to see the aluminum recycling logo click here.