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Likely only face value, the 2009 Native American (Sacagawea) was released for circulation, only a Proof or Mint State coin would be worth a little more than a dollar. Also I hope you know the coin is brass not gold.

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Q: What is the value of 2009 Sacagawea gold dollar?
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What is the value of a gold dollar with woman and papoose on front?

This is a Sacagawea dollar coin. It's not gold and is just face value.

What is the value of 1.00 2000 gold coin?

The coin is a Sacagawea dollar, it has no gold and is worth $1.00

What is the value of a Sacajawea gold dollar with a woman on the back?

From your description, it's a 2009 " Three Sisters" reverse Sacagawea dollar. The color is from the manganese brass outer layer, it's not gold and it's just a dollar, spend it.

What is the value of 2000 gold color dollar coin?

It's just a Sacagawea dollar, spend it.

Who is on the front of the gold dollar?

Sacagawea is placed on the gold dollar

2000 us gold dollar?

The 2000 Sacagawea dollar coin is not made of gold the color comes from the Brass in the coin. Value is $1.00

How much is a 2000 sakagawea gold coin?

A 2000 Sacagawea dollar is just a dollar. It is NOT gold, it's brass.

How much is a sac 1 dollar gold coin worth?

Sacagawea dollar coins are common and worth face value.

What is the value of a Sacagawea dollar coin?

1 dollar. These coins are made of brass not gold. They are also very very common.

Gold color Dollar coin with no date and the back has a man and tree's and a woman on the front. Is it worth anything?

The coin is a 2009 Sacagawea Dollar, date and mint mark are on the edge of the coin. The coins is face value.

Gold dollar coin with woman holding a child on her back on face of coin. What is the value?

That is a Sacagawea dollar, they have been minted from 2000 onwards and are worth one dollar.

What is the value of a Sacajawea gold coin?

The Sacagawea Dollar coin contains no gold.The outer layer of manganese brass is what gives it the gold color.All coins struck of circulation are just a dollar.