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Depending on what date you are looking at, the price can vary from 7 dollars up to a couple thousand. 1953 ( I think, it might be 1954) is upwards of a couple thousand because of a variety that can only be found in proof sets.

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A canadian centenial set value depends largely on whether or not it includes the 20 dollar gold coin. This coin carries the bulk of the value. I believe the coins actual weight is approx 11.7 dwt's of 22K gold. With gold trading at almost 1700/Oz today that would put the coin at an aprox value of between 700-750 dollars CAD. For the remainder of the 80% silver coins including the dollar, half dollar, quarter, and dime you would be getting a fair price at 15-16x the face value. The Nickel and penny carry virtually no value above their intended face value. I hope this helps.

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100 dollars US.

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Q: What is the value of Canada's 125th anniversary coin collection?
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