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Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms . If you have any interest in old guns, it is well worth the $40 price tag, but your public library probably has a recent copy if you just want to read it once.

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Q: What is the value of Stevens Tip Up rifles?
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Where can you get parts for a Stevens tip-up rifle? has many parts and breakdown books for many Stevens rifles and shotguns.

What is the value of j Stevens 22cal nickel finish tip-up pistol?

The value of a J Stevens 22 cal nickel finish tip-up pistol is between $200 and $500 depending on its condition. These guns are easy to conceal but provide little firepower.

What is the value of a 32 rimfire Stevens tip up single shot pistol made of brass with a steel barrel?

The exact value of a 32 Rimfire Stevens Tip Up Single Shot pistol made of brass with a steel barrel is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of those factors would be, the age and condition of the pistol.

What is the age and any other information about a Stevens 44-shot single shot breakdown firearm with number K 368 and WJB stamped on the side?

There was an overwhelming number of models of Stevens Tip Up rifles made. Would have to get considerably more details and/or pictures to make a determination.

What calibers were j Stevens rifles offered in?

Dozens of calibers from .22 up through major hunting calibers.

Where can you find information on the Stevens 22 used by Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley used a variety of rifles in her exhibitions. The Stevens she is associated with is one of the earlier tip-up variety, not sure of which model. She is also famously associated with the Model 1891 Marlin lever action, various Winchester models, and Parker shotguns.

What Value J Stevens a and t co 81606 on barrel patent pending on grip 8 inch barrel?

It sounds like you may have a Stevens Tip up pistol, but there is not enough information to give you a definite answer- and value is also driven by condition. You will need to visit a gun shop or gun show in your area for a better answer. Sorry-

How do you find information on Stevens tip up rifles?

Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. If you have any interest in old guns, it is well worth the $40 price tag, but your public library probably has a recent copy if you just want to read it once.

Value of Stevens Mod 235?

Up to $300 in excellent condition.

Is there a 7 Stevens tip-up?

Yes: the 7 is a premier model. It looks like the a standard tip up model,except it has a wood fore stock. Very similar to the ladies model except with the heavier action.

Where can I find ammo for Stevens 101 tip up rifle in 44 shotshell?

you will have to do a web search on 44 shotshell ammunition.

What is the value of a 22 single shot tip up pistol marked j Stevens co chiscple walls mass pat sept 6 1864 serial 4944?

That is Chicopee Falls, MASS, U. S. A.

What is info on a 22 long rifle single shot marked Patent Apr 17 94 J Stevens and Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA and the under side stamped with the numbers 141?

What type action? Tip-up, lever, falling block, rolling block, bolt action? It could be any of several boys rifles or target rifles. Exactly how is the company name written on the gun? The "J. Stevens and Co" version was discontinued 8 years before the 1894 patent date on yours.

What is the value and age of a savage Stevens model 311E?

The value and age of a Savage Stevens model 311E will vary depending on the length of the gun and its condition. These guns were made in the 1960s and the 1970s and can sell for up to about $300 in excellent condition.

What is the value Model 22-410 Stevens J Stevens Arms Company?

Made from 1939-1950 Lists Excellent at $350 Good at $250 and up Fair at $200 and up and Poor at $200 and below

What is the value of a model 35 410 smooth bore twelve and a quarter inch barrel made by J Stevens Arms?

I'm looking to buy a Steven's Auto Shot tip up or #35 in .410. If you have one to sell send me an email at

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge J Stevens Model 237 bolt action?

Late 1930's, value up to $100.

What is the value of a Ward's Western Field Model 60-sb620-a?

Made by Stevens. Value is up to $150-$175 in top condition.

Value of 1955 Stevens Model 58 12 Ga?

$85 on average. Up to around $100 in good condition.

What is the value and date of a Stevens model 95 Savage Arms made in Westfield Mass?

With both company names, it would have been made sometime after 1948. If you find the Savage Arms website, there should be an address for the Stevens Historian. For $15 he will research a Stevens serial number (if your gun is numbered). Value will be $25 for a parts-gun up to $120 for one in excellent condition.

What is a rifle stamped J Stevens A - T Co Chicopee Falls Mass US Pat Sept 6 1864 worth?

With that patent date, it should be one of the early "tip-up" rifles made from the 1870s through 1895, but "Arms and Tool" was only used from 1886 to 1916. There were several variations which range from $100 to $450 in Poor condition and from $350 to $800 in Excellent.

How do you find the value of a Winchester 1873 rifle?

go to: or look up Winchester rifles and look for model '73 and see what they are selling for.............

Winchester 30.03 caliber calvary 1895 value?

go to: bring up Winchester rifles and check condition and price of those listed.......................

What is the value of a Stevens 410 bore proof tested Model 59A by Savage Arms?

Up to $125 in top condition.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms and Co Model 235 shotgun?

The model 235 was manufactured from 1912 to 1932 (no Stevens guns were made from 1916 to 1920). Value will range from $50 if beat-up and rusted to $300 if like-new and never fired. Most will trade for around $200. Answer With the advent of Cowboy Action Shooting - these have gone up in value --- a decent one will bring over $300.