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Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. If you have any interest in old guns, it is well worth the $40 price tag, but your public library probably has a recent copy if you just want to read it once.

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Q: How do you find information on Stevens tip up rifles?
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Where can you get parts for a Stevens tip-up rifle? has many parts and breakdown books for many Stevens rifles and shotguns.

Where can you find information on the Stevens 22 used by Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley used a variety of rifles in her exhibitions. The Stevens she is associated with is one of the earlier tip-up variety, not sure of which model. She is also famously associated with the Model 1891 Marlin lever action, various Winchester models, and Parker shotguns.

What is the age and any other information about a Stevens 44-shot single shot breakdown firearm with number K 368 and WJB stamped on the side?

There was an overwhelming number of models of Stevens Tip Up rifles made. Would have to get considerably more details and/or pictures to make a determination.

Where can I find ammo for Stevens 101 tip up rifle in 44 shotshell?

you will have to do a web search on 44 shotshell ammunition.

Where to find parts for a Stevens tip up pistol?

Brownells gunsmith and Down East guns are two places to find parts for the pistol. You can also find parts at auction shops and local gun stores.

What is the value of Stevens Tip Up rifles?

Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms . If you have any interest in old guns, it is well worth the $40 price tag, but your public library probably has a recent copy if you just want to read it once.

How to date savage Stevens 311a?

a tip-up action single shot pistol

Does the serial number of a Stevens tip-up rifle tell if it is a ladies model or a regular model?

I would say No, but if anyone can tell you for sure, it would be John Callahan, a private Stevens historian. You can find contact information at I can tell you that it is NOT a ladies model if it is not either .22 or .25 caliber or if it has a barrel length other than 24 or 26 inches.

What do you do when you cant get something out of your mind?

well i have the best tip and that is FORGET IT! you will find more information about this subject

Where can you find information on a J Stevens single shot 44 short shotgun?

You sure it doesnt say '44 Shot' instead of '44 Short'? The .44 Shot cartridge was a popular small bore shotshell before the introduction of the .410. I'd suggest a trip to the library. Find the Standard Catalog of Firearms and look at the listings for Stevens. Your shotgun is probably a smoothbore version of the Tip-Up, Ideal, or Favorite rifle.

What is info on a 22 long rifle single shot marked Patent Apr 17 94 J Stevens and Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA and the under side stamped with the numbers 141?

What type action? Tip-up, lever, falling block, rolling block, bolt action? It could be any of several boys rifles or target rifles. Exactly how is the company name written on the gun? The "J. Stevens and Co" version was discontinued 8 years before the 1894 patent date on yours.

Does an air rifle shoot plastic pellets?

An AIRSOFT Rifle shoots plastic BBs. An Air rifleshoots steel BBs or lead pellets. Airsoft guns and rifles have an Orange or Red tip on the barrel. BB guns and pellet guns / rifles do not have a red or orange tip on the barrel.

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