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If the gun is in good condition with no rust it would be a great mantle piece. Because of it's age(?) it might not be as safe to shoot modern ammo. For this, the guns' money value would be approx. $65-$125.

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Q: What is the value of a 12 gauge American Gun Company of New York Knickerbocker hammerless with genuine damascus double barrels?
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When did Knickerbocker Trust Company end?

Knickerbocker Trust Company ended in 1907.

When was Knickerbocker Trust Company created?

Knickerbocker Trust Company was created in 1884.

What is a American gun company model 138891 knickerbocker worth?

50-150 USD

What is information on the Knickerbocker 12 gauge side by side hammerless shotgun made by Crescent Firearm Company?

The Knickerbocker was made by Cresent, but under the Folsom House Brand. A great recourse for shotgun information can be found in a book called "The Golden Age of Shotgunning" by Bob Hinman. GK & Associates, LLC

How old is a American gun company double barrel knickerbocker?

The name American Gun Company was a trade mark of the Cresent Firearms Company.This company was in business from 1888-1931.The double barrel shotguns of this company were started in the year 1891.The Knickerbocker shotgun was started during the 1900,s.The knickerbocker shotguns were of a barrel length of 14 inches and chambered in 20 gauge.The barrels should be of nickel finish.A case hardened receiver,and pistol grip stock.

Is there a manufacturer that makes a replacement butt stock for an American Gun Company Knickerbocker?

You might try Numrich ( If your Knickerbocker was made by Crescent, they can probably help, but if you have a Belgian-made gun probably not.

Where can you get parts for an American Gun Company Knickerbocker 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Pretty much an impossible undertaking.

What is the age of a double barrel damascus 68814 10ga shotgun?

Ithaca SN 68814 was manufactured in 1902 according to Ithaca Gun Company records compiled and released in 1960. It is a Lewis model if hammerless and New Ithaca Gun if it has hammers.

Double barrel shotgun American Gun Co Knickerbocker model Where can you find info on it and what would the approx value be It has a 5 digit serial number?

no it has a 4 digit serial # Knickerbocker came from 2 different companies. The American Gun Company, New York, stamped a five digit serial number on the barrel, forestock and stock end.

What is an American gun company New York 12 gauge genuine damascus double barrell serial 37957 worth?

50-100 USD

Who made the Damascus Sewing Machines?

The National Sewing Machine Company produced the Damascus sewing machine and sold it through Montgomery Wards catalog.

What is the year of an American Gun Co of New York double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers serial 142314?

Your shotgun was actually made by the crescent firearms company,and distributed by H&D Folsum Co.These shotguns are currently priced at between 140-240 dollars,whether they have a hammer or hammerless configuration,and whether they have a damascus,or steel barrels.These shotguns were made roughly between the years 1895-1925.

Did the American Gun Company manufacture a chrome revolver?

I have a friend who has a 32 cal, break open hammerless revolver, chrome finished, in excellent shape. As near as the person who had it remembered, it was perchased around the early thirties. It is stamped American Revolver co. with ivory grips.

How much is a crescent firearms company number 60 empire hammerless serial number 39499?


Did Parker Brothers import a double external hammer Royal Damascus 12 gauge shotgun from Belgium?

No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

What is the value of an American gun company 12 gauge damascus double barreled shot gun 78439?

That depends on the condition of the gun. You could let a licensed gunsmith or firearms dealer look at it and they could tell you.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Victor Special single shot shotgun number 844931 manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Company?

What information would you want? Crescent made single shotguns from 1893 to 1930. If it has a large side hammer and damascus barrels, it would almost certainly be from before 1915. If it has fluid steel barrels and a center hammer (or is hammerless) then sometime after 1903.

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Who owns the American Chicle Company?

The American Chicle Company is owned by the Warner-Lambert Company

What are facts about American Gun Company Damascus 28 gauge shotguns?

American Gun Company was a trade name used by Crescent Firearms for H.D. Folsom at their retail outlets. Make sure you have it checked by a gunsmith before you shoot modern shells with those Damascus barrels. Jay Gentry yellopops - How old is your friend? If he's over 200 years old, you may be wrong. 28 guage has been used since the days of muzzle-loading guns and is still being made.

What is the age of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company double barrel hammerless Springfield shotgun with the number 569xx on all parts?


What is the age of a 16 gauge Ithaca hammerless side by side serial 60433?

According to a table in "Ithaca Gun Company from the Beginning" it was made in 1901.

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