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im not sure but if you sell it some day call 716 873 8800 ask for service thanks use to have one it was stolen looking to replace it

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What is the value of a Winchester model70 manufactured in 1965 243 cal with varmint bull barrel and checkered stock with cheek piece in very good to excellent condition?


How much is a Daisy Model 21 in excellent condition worth?

There are two versions of the model 21 "Side by Side" Ver:1 plastic stock Mfg 1968-72, Excellent condition $650 to $800 Ver:2 wood stock Mfg 1968 only, Excellent condition $875 to $1.100 Add 30% for checkered grip Add 50-100% for one of the 48 Walnut sets mfg by Reinhart Fajen, Inc

What is the value of a Daisy Power line Model 1200 BB Pistol in Excellent working condition?

If the WORKING condition is Excellent. What condition is the pistol itself in. Is it also in Excellent condition or average condition

Which trade goods in the Safavid were carried on a road system that was?

A. Traveled by ox cart B. Made of brick C. In excellent condition D. In excellent condition The correct answer is D. In excellent condition

What is the value of a Winchester 422 pellet rifle in excellent condition?

It would be worth around $55 in Excellent condition.

What is the value of a 2006 Winchester Model 70 30-06?

$1000 give or take if it is in excellent condition $1000 give or take if it is in excellent condition $1000 give or take if it is in excellent condition

What does ex-condition mean on eBay?

Excellent condition

What is your browning A-500g in excellent condition worth?

A Browning A-500g shotgun in excellent condition is worth about 900 dollars.

What is the value of a Winchester 425 air rifle in excellent condition?

In excellent condition it would be worth between $90 - $105

Why is excellent physical condition so vital to being a good athlete?

Bingo. Good athletes MUST be in excellent physical condition.

What is a Mauser Model 2000 rifle in Excellent Condition worth?

This rifle (Mauser Model 2000) is worth $350 in excellent condition.

What is a 270 caliber Model 70 XTR Featherweight Super Grade one of less than 500 made manufactured in 1983 worth in excellent condition?

I'm the proprietary of one of this rifle and il has just shot 20 cartidges... You can have photos if you contact me with my mail :

What is the value of a 1942 half dollar in excellent condition?

If excellent condition actually is a Mint state coin the value could be $30.00 or more

What is a daisy model 188 excellent condition worth?

The Model 188 was made between 1979-89. In excellent condition it is worth $45

What is the value of a Benjamin air pistol model 117 in excellent condition?

It is very rare to find a model 117 in Excellent condition. It must have NO wear, scratches or dings. In Excellent condition it is worth around $150 it was made between 1938-1941

What is the value of a 1904 Colt 45 caliber revolver in excellent condition?

The Colt 45 caliber 1904 revolver in excellent condition is valued at $4,500. In good condition, it is valued at $2,200.

What is a term for a yacht in excellent condition?


What is the value of a stoeger cougar 8000 in excellent condition?

I bought one in excellent condition for $300.00 shoots great just like everyone says it does.

How much is time crisis 2 worth on ps2?

The game can be purchased on Glyde for $4 in excellent condition and if you sell yours there expect to get about $ 2- $ 2.25 for one in good condition to excellent condition

What is the value of a 1958 Colt Frontier 22 caliber stainless steel with black plastic grips in excellent condition.?

in excellent condition between 500.00 and 750.00

How much is a 1869 sharps rifle worth?

2100 in fair condition. 4750 in excellent condition. That is for the carbine. The longer rifle....add 2000 to 5000 for excellent.

What is value of crosman arms mod 1400 pumpmaster rifle excellent condition?

In Excellent condition, No scratches, dings or damage. It would be worth around $105

What is a model 788 243 worth good condition?

$350-$400 in excellent condition

What is a Remington 121 model worth?

Depends on condition, condition, and condition, from just good to excellent 500-1000.00

What does euc mean on ebay?

Excellent Used Condition