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COMPEER was a tradename used by the Van Camp Hardware& Iron Co located in Indianapolis IN. The guns were made by Crescent Firearms and distributed by HD Folsom from 1893-1910. Value will be up to $200.

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What is the value of a j Reynolds double barrel shotgun?

i.have.a.j-reynolds-double barrel 16ga belguim rabbit ear shotgun seaking information

What is value of vulcan 12 gauge double barrel with rabbit ears?

50-125 or so.

Does any company still make new double barrel with rabbit ears?

Why the **** would you want that!?!?!

What is a browning rabbit ear double barrel made in 1908 worth?

Browning did not make a gun as you described

What is a wilkinson 12 gauge rabbit ear?

rabbit ear refers to the exposed twin "hammers"on a double barrel shotgun. when seen from the rear they resemble a pair of .....thats right... rabbit ears.

What is the value of a king nitro double barrel 12 gauge rabbit eared shotgun?

50-100 or so

What is the value of NR Davissons double barrel l2 ga rabbit ear shotgun 4317?

50 dollars

What is the value of a W Richards 16 gauge antique double barrel rabbit ear shotgun?

500 to 1500

What is the value of a 12 gauge Essex SX double barrel shotgun with rabbit ear hammers?

Less than $200.

How much is your utica firearms rabbit eared double barrel serial number 34425 worth?

100 USD or so

12 ga rabbit ear double barrel Montgomery?

50-100. Don't even think about firing it with modern loads.

Double barrell rabbit ears wh hamilton shotgun 12gauge cast steel barrel what is it worth?

It all depends on condition. $150-300

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Hammerless double barrel shotgun SN67138?

I am not sure about the age or value, but I would sure like to own it to rabbit hunt with.

What is the value of a Parker double barrel with a rabbit etched in the barrels?

I dont know of any true Parker Brothers shotgun that had a 'rabbit etched in the barrels.' Would need to know exactly how the gun is marked so we can ID it properly.

What is the Value of an Ithaca 20 gauge double barrel shot gun?

i would like to know the value of my rabbit ear 20 gauge stage coach shot gun

What is the value of an 1893 Hopkins and Allen double barrel shotgun with rabbit ear hammers?

Typically, up to $250. Rare and heavily engraved special versions would bring more.

Can you split a double rabbit cage in half?

no you can't, but you can get rabbit cages that you can spilt in half.

What is a family name for a rabbit?

We called ours Winchester. He was thin as a rifle barrel when we got him...

Who is peppi lepu?

Pepi is Foxes mentor. He is giant rabbit. His famous line is "Do a barrel role!"

Is anyone familiar with rodgers arms co rabbit ear double barrel model 2910 stamped on bottom of barrel any idea of the age or value or any information would be appreciated Thanks?

These are a very desirable firearm.The date I have found on this piece is 1907 and the value will go upwards of $750.00.

What is the value and age of a 12 gauge Amadeo Rossi Stagecoach double barrel serial T84118?

Rossi made 2 variations of the double barrel shotguns. The Amadeo "Coach gun" with the rabbit ear hammers and the "Squire" double barrel which was the hammerless version. The age of both guns are from 1968-1989. The value of each is about the same. Ranges from $125 - $150 Depending on value. Not a very valuable gun, but a good shooter. Rossi is no longer in business. They changed there name to Braztech. They are still made in South America, decent cheap gun.

I have a double barrel marked twisted Belgium on the rib and interchangeable marvel on the side. It also has 1843 under the barrels. I would like any info. on this gun please?

does it have rabbit ear hammers

Whats the worth of a J manton rabbit ears double barrel no serial number good condition?

Yes,it is excellant functioning condition,has a few nicks in stock,nothing much for being built around 1860?

What is the value of a double barrel rabbit ear Riverside Arms barrel dated 1903?

I don't think Stevens was using the Riverside name as early as 1903 but they probably were still using that patent date into the 1930's. If the gun has fluid steel barrels, it could still be a hunter's gun but the rabbit ears attract Cowboy Action Shooters and interior decorators. Any of these groups will pay $100 to $250 depending on condition.

What is the history of a double-barrel rabbit-eared shotgun with the name JJ Weston?

I just acquired a JJ Weston SBS and haven't been able to find much info. Seems value could be $1000+.

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