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Q: What is the value of a 1901 Arthur Reynard picture of two lions printed Ullman Mfg Co?
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Have an Ullman Mfg print by Arthur Weston 1901 of 4 horses before a fire What is name of print and what is its value?

Unfortunately, since Ullman manufactured and mass-produced their prints, they are not worth much, and individual names were rarely specifically recorded.

What is the Ullman Mfg Company?

Ullman Mfg. Company FAQBased on an internet search, I am concluding that the Ullman Mfg. Company published (and probably printed) postcards, lithographs, greeting cards and other printed materials such as puzzles. The company was located in New York City and operated around the early 1900's. You may find more info at the web page in Related Links, below. I found a postcard with the Ullman MFG Co., NY 1905, and the number 1384 on it. The postcard has storks carrying African-American babies and the caption says "No Racial Suicide."

Is Ricky Ullman a Jew?

ricky ullman is jewish.

What is Ricky Ullman's ethnicity?

Raviv Ullman, better known as "Ricky Ullman," is an Israeli-American actor and musician.

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What is an 1899 Ullman Manufacturing Co New York print worth?

Picture--two little girls with small animal on wheels

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What type of products did Ullman Mfg Co make?

Ullman Manufacturing Co. is listed as an "Art Publisher," and primarily made prints, photo reproductions, postcards, puzzles, a few board games and books for retail distribution. They also printed book inserts and published catalogs for commercial clients.