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What is the value of a 1909-S VDB US cent?


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The current PCGS site lists retail values from $750 in Good condition to $8,000 in MS-65.

The exact value of the coin can only be determined when the exact grade of the coin is known.

Please know that there are significantly more counterfeit 1909-S VDB cents out there than real ones. In order to get anywhere close to its actual value, you need to have the coin certified. Before spending money on sending it to a grading service take it to a respected and honest coin collector and see what he or she says about the coin.

Please see the Related Link below for a up to date price guide on a 1909-S VDB penny. This site also includes all other wheat pennies.


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Current retail for a certified XF 1909-S VDB is about .

You're probably thinking of "VDB", the initials of the coin's designer Victor D. Brenner. Please see the question "What is the value of a 1909 Lincoln cent?" for more information.

1 US cent has the same value the world over! i.e. 1 US cent

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There are several major varieties of the US 1909 cent. First off is the Indian penny, which, as you might expect, has an Indian head on the front of it. If you have one of these pennies and on underneath the wreath on the reverse there is an "S" mintmark, the coin is worth over $200, however, such examples are rare and if you have no mintmark under the wreath you have a coin worth a few bucks depending on the grade. You may also have a 1909 Lincoln wheat penny, however, there are 4 major varieties of this coin. First, on the reverse of the coin under the wheat stalks there may or may not be the letters VDB, if there is the letters VDB you have what is known as a VDB cent, these are rarer than ones without the VDB designation. If you have a VDB cent with no mintmark under the date on the front of the coin, it is worth a few bucks in circulated condition. If you have a VDB cent with an "S" mintmark under the date, you have a very desirable coin worth several hundred dollars depending on condition. If you have no VDB and there is no mintmark on your coin, your coin is worth a few bucks. However, if you have no VDB and an "S" mintmark, your coin is worth anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars depending on condition.Do not clean your coins. Cleaning coins will only decrease their value, especially if you have a rare coin like a 1909 S VDB.

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It has a current value of 1 US cent.

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