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What is the value of a 1910 Nickel with a lady and thirteen stars on the front and V Cents on the back?

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September 11, 2014 1:50AM

I have the same nickel and just looked it up today. It is called

a Liberty "V" Nickel. The "lady" is of course Miss Liberty!

The 1910 nickel that I have is worth 75 cents. If you would have

gotten a 1913 Liberty nickel it would have been worth over $2.5

million. There are only 5 of those nickels known and all are in


More: According to USA Coin Book, the value for a coin in good

condition is worth about $1.90. A coin in MS60 mint condition is

worth about $66 while a coin in MS63 Choice Uncirculated condition

is worth about $93. If you are lucky enough to have a proof coin in

MS63 choice proof condition, it would easily be worth over $260.

View the link below for more prices based on intermediate coin


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