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What is the value of a 1941 silver quarter?


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2012-03-03 22:05:51
2012-03-03 22:05:51

It's worth around $5-6 in circulated condition. In mint condition, a '41-D is worth over $30, and a '41-S is worth over $25.


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Yes, the 1941 Washington quarter is a 90% silver quarter and it contains .18084oz of pure silver, or 5.12672 grams.

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Assuming it's worn from circulation, it would be worth around $3 for its silver content.

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Being made of 90% silver, this quarter would be valued at $3.81 for its silver value alone. (as of 09/22/2010 price of silver at $21.09 and ounce). If the con was in good shape and not worn it would be valued much higher.

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A silver QUARTER is about $3.00 as of today.

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