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Sorry, no US Mint gold coins of any kind are dated 1961.

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Q: What is the value of a 1961 1c gold coin?
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What is south African 1c coin of 1961 worth?

valore di 1c moneta sud-africana del 1961

How much is a 1961 1c coin suid afrika worth?


Value of a 1939 1c coin?

A common coin average value 3 cents, an up to a dollar in uncirculated.

What is the value of a 1966 1c South African coin in Afrikaans?

yes 3480

What is the value of a 1936 Mexicanos 1c?

Common coin found in dealers' misc. foreign bins for about 20 cents.

What is the decimal equivalent to the hexadecimal value 1C?

1C = 28

What coin was the frill neck lizard on?

it can be 1c or 2c and it's in Australian coin

What is the value of a 1961 1C South African coin?

According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, US$0.15 in Very Fine condition, US$0.40 in Extremely Fine condition, US$1.50 in Uncirculated condition and US$0.75 in Proof.

What is the value of an Australian 1 cent stamp?


What is the value of a gold colored penny stamped 1976 and below the date it is stamped 1776-1976?

It's a novelty piece made by a private company. They take regular coins and plate them, then stamp an image, date, message, or whatever, and sell them for a couple of bucks.However, numismatically speaking the coin is considered to have been altered and damaged, so it would have no extra value beyond 1c to a coin collector.

What is value Andrew Jackson 1c green stamp?

1 cent.

How much is a Canadian penny worth with a woman head on it?

1c unless its a mint error. If you think the coin is an error, check with your local coin dealer

What 14 coins make 25 cents?

It is not possible to make 25 cents from 14 coins (US currency) There are only 1, 5, 10 and 25 cent coins Test: 14 x 1c = 14c, insufficient value 13 x 1c (=13) + 1 x 5c (=5) totals 18c, still not enough 12 x 1c (=12) + 2 x 5c (=10) totals 22c, still not enough. 11 x 1c (=11) + 3 x 5c (=15) totals 26c. Too much! If you use a 10c coin, you have to make the balance of 15c with 13 coins! Not possible! Of course, if you have 14 coins, which includes 10 x 1c (=10), and 3 x 5c (=15), you will easily make a total of exactly 25c, but only if you don't include the 14th coin!

What is the value of a one cent stamp from 1929?

Depends on the country, what 1c stamp it is and the condition of the stamp.

Why is 1c warmer than 1f?

1c is warmer than 1f because 1c is 33.8 degrees in Fahrenheit

Can you make 74 cents with 7 coins?

Indeed. 74 cents can be made with the following set of 7 coins: 50c 10c 10c 1c 1c 1c 1c

What ac unit is clj48-1c?

Goodman Mfg.

What is the cash value of a Thomas Jefferson 1c stamp?

Unused it is still valid for 1 cent worth of postage.

What is the ton rating on a goodman model ck42-1c?


How many tbsp in 1c?

Sixteen. 1C = 8fl oz. Each fl oz is 2 tbsp, so 1C = 16 tbsp.

What do they use for fake gold?

hi, i hope this will answer your question clearly you will needFill the bowl with water.2 Put 1 spoon sodium hydroxide or lye in it (depending on the amount of coins you want to make gold-colored, you can put more).3 Add 1/3 of a spoon of zinc in it.4 Place the 1c , 10c or nickel(s) in it.5 Boil the solution until the coin(s) turn silver-colored.6 Get the silver-colored coin out of the bowl.7 Remove the bowl from the oven.8 Put the coin in a fire/ blow torch for 20 seconds each side and it will turn gold

What is tonnage of Goodman AC model CK 48-1C?

4 ton

Which measures a bigger heat change 1c or 1f?

1C in 1.8 times as large a change.

How do factor c2-1c-12?

(c-4) x (c+3)

Can someone tell you which coin is worth what in the changemaker game in brain age 2 ds lite game?

In Brain Age 2 , the top left coin is 25c , the top right one is 10c, the bottom left one is 5c and the bottom right one (black coin) is 1c.