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What is the value of a 1962 Winchester Model 12 12 gauge in excellent condition?


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In excellent condition a 1960-64 Winchester mod. 12 ,12 guage would be valued at $350.00 - $400.00

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The Winchester 12 gauge model 1897 made in 1910 in well used condition is $250. Excellent condition it is valued at $1,200.

If in excellent condition as you have stated(70%-80%),then the value will be between 400-500 dollars.

I have a Winchester 1897 model pump shotgun in very good to excellent condition. I will consider selling it as well as a Model 12 in 16 guage also in very good to excellent condition. Please respond if you are interested. George W Facer

The value of a Winchester model 37-A 28 gauge is dependent upon a number of things. Some of these things would include the age and condition of the Winchester.

Yes, a well maintained 1961 Winchester 20 gauge model 12 pump shotgun is in good condition.

The value of a Winchester model 1912 pump action 12 gauge shotgun is dependent upon a number of factors. Since it's in excellent condition, the value would be highly dependent on the person interested in purchasing it.

depending on condition, $800.00 to $1700.00

A Winchester Model 140 12 gauge, semi automatic can be worth up to $150. The exact amount that the Winchester is worth depends on the condition of the gun.

That will depend on the Model of shotgun you are asking about,along with the overall condition of your Winchester shotgun?

The Sears 200 is a slightly modified Winchester 1200. Value in excellent condition is around $150.

Depending on its condition, a Winchester model 1901 10 gauge lever action shotgun could be worth around $2,0000. In lesser condition it is still worth $500-$800.

Winchester Model 12 shotguns in good condition can fetch prices from $500 up. 12 gauge is the most sought after size.

A 20 guage WInchester 37A youth model will go for between $100-150 USD depending on condition.

A Winchester Model 12 in "GOOD" condition can be worth between $250 and $450+ depending upon barrel length, choke, gauge, and condition of the wood.

$125.00 to $200.00 in good working condition.

The value of the Winchester pump action 1902 12 gauge model 1912 serial 166303 varies greatly with its condition. This gun can retail for about $200 depending on style and condition.

Yes the stock on a Winchester Model 12 16 gauge is the same as a 20 gauge. 16 gauge,20 gauge, and 28 gauge are all the same for the Winchester Model 12. Thanks, Tim

what years were the winchester model 370 410 gauge made

They were made from 1961 to about 1965, about 82000 made, value varies on condition of couse, 250-300 in rouph condition, about 400-500 in good condition and about 700 in excellent condition!

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