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Value 1964 dime?

A 1964 US dime is so common most are valued only for the silver at about a dollar.

1909 us dime value?

what is the value for an American 1909 silver dime

How do you tell if a 1939 dime is silver?

If it's a US dime dated 1964 or before it's silver

How much is a 1966 silver dime worth?

If it is a US dime, it isn't silver. Silver stopped being used in dimes after 1964, so any dime dated 1965 or later is struck in copper-nickel and are only worth face value.

When did they stop using silver dimes?

1964 was the last year for US silver dimes. The reason was because the value of the silver in a dime began to exceed ten cents.

What is the value of a dime that says one dime on the back?

From 1837 to 2010 all US dimes have the phrase "ONE DIME" on the reverse so if it has a date of 1964 or earlier it's 90% silver and worth at least $1.00 for the silver in it.

Is 1965 us dime silver?

No. The last year for silver dimes in the U.S. was 1964.

What is the last year for the US silver dime?

1964 was the last year US dimes for general circulation had silver in them however, the silver dime lives on in the silver proof set series issued by the US Mint.

How much is a 1959 silver us dime worth?

The value is about $2.00 just for the silver.

What is value of US dime 1962 D?

The values is for the silver about $1.00

How much is a 1944 us dime?

A US dime dated 1944 is a Mercury head dime, it's very common with a value of $2.00 just for the silver.

What is value silver dime?

As of July 2013 all US 90% silver dimes at this time have a value of about $2.75 each.

How much silver is in a 1990 US dime?

There is no silver in a 1990 US dime.

When did the US stop making dimes pure silver?

1964 was the last year for a 90% silver dime. No circulating coin was pure silver.

What is value of 1962 us dime?

Most are only valued for the silver, about $2.00.

How much is a 1935 SILVER US dime worth?

If the coin has any wear the value is for the silver, about $2.00

What is the value of a 1945 ten centavos silver US dime?

The US does not use centavos as their currency.

Value of a silver dime?

8-24-11>>> As of today, US silver dimes are worth about $3.00 just for the silver.

What is the value of an 1976 us dime?

The coin is still in circulation, contains no silver and is only face value.

How much is a 1973 silver dime worth?

Sorry, no US dimes dated 1973 were struck in silver the last year for silver dimes was 1964.

What is the value of a 1947 US dime?

Like all dimes dated 1964 and earlier, this coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper so its value will change along with the value of silver. As of 01/2010, a 1947 dime in average condition is worth about $1.60. Uncirculated ones range from $2.00 to over $100 depending on quality.

What is the value of a 1927 solid silver dime?

The US never made pure silver dimes. Silver by itself is too soft for use in circulating coins. Dimes dated 1964 and earlier are made of a .900 fine alloy of silver and copper.

What is the value of a 1967 silver US dime?

The last U.S. silver dimes were struck in 1964. Please check the edge of your coin. It should be dark- or copper-colored like other dimes with later dates, indicating that your coin is an ordinary cupro-nickel dime from circulation and is worth face value only.

Value of 1943 silver dime US?

A 1943 Mercury dime unless in exceptionally good condition is only worth silver melt value. At the time of writing it is about $2.15 or so, but it fluctuates depending on silver spot price.

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