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The U.S. Mint never issued such a coin. In all likelihood you have a privately-issued commemorative piece. Most of these small items sell for at most a couple of dollars, and the market is fairly limited these days. What you have is a normal 1976 penny that somebody has plated with either silver, nickel, or zinc. Now a novelty item it has no collector value.

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Q: What is the value of a 1976 silver liberty penny?
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What is a 1976 silver Canadian penny worth?

Somebody must have silver plated it -- no added value.

What is the value of a US penny from 1976 that is not made of silver?

No US 1976 Lincoln cent or any other year is made from silver.

What is the value of a 1776-1976 Liberty Eisenhower Silver dollar?

It's worth one dollar.

1976 silver penny?

Your coin is only plated silver. The US mint has never made silver pennies. Plating adds no extra value.

What is the value of a 1976 Canadian silver penny?

One cent. It's plated. All 1976 Canadian cents were struck in bronze, and silver was removed from higher-denomination Canadian coins in 1968.

Value of 1976 silver dollar?

what the value on 1976 united states silver dollar cion

Is a 1976 silver penny with the liberty bell and US stamped on it with no sign of where minted and an original flaw on the back worth anything?

The US Mint has never struck a one cent coin in silver and did not make any Bicentennial dimes, nickels or penny's. It's a novelty coin that has no collectible value unless someone wants it.

What is the value of a liberty silver dollar 1776 1976?

That's a bicentennial dollar, and it's still worth one dollar.

What is value of 1776 1976 Liberty silver dollar President Eisenhower?

It's still worth one dollar.

What is the value of a 1976 silver penny?

There are two possibilities:A: it is spray paint. Value:$0.01B: it is a wrong planchet. Value: $350These are only silver plated for decorations or jewelry. It is only worth face value. Silver or gold plating adds very little value to a coin.

What is the value of a silver bicentennial penny?

What IS a silver bicentennial penny? The US Mint didn't make one, so you are probably looking at a normal 1976 cent that has been silver plated by a private novelty company. It will have no numismatic value but you may get a dollar or so from someone who collects bicentennial memorabilia.

What is the value of a silver liberty bell dollar 1776 - 1976?

Bicentennial dollars released for circulation are still worth one dollar.

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