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Q: What is the value of a 1978 gold Kruggerand?
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What is a 1 oz gold 1978 kruggerand coin worth in us dollars?

A Krugerrand 1 oz gold coin is worth about spot + $20 when selling back to a dealer. As of 11/22/08 that equals about $820. .........KM

What is the value of a South African 1978 fine gold Krugerrand coin?

what is value of a south African 1978 fine gold Krugerrand coin

What is the value of a nastrix pocket watch?

nastrix gold pocket watch 1978

What is a 1974 Gold Krugerrand worth?

A 1974 1 oz. Gold Krugerrand can reach up to $2,500.00 in value.

What is the value of US Mint 1978 uncirculated coin set?

what is the value of a Jackie Robinson legacy coin set with baseball cqard and gold coin

I have an ounce of gold I bought in 1985 - a Kruggerand. How do I sell this gold coin?

There are several ways you can sell this coin including : internet - ebay, gumtree etc Gold shops newspaper ad I am always looking to buy Krugerrands so if you wish post me a message and i will make an offer

What is a 1978 d gold dime worth?

Some coins do tone to a gold color or it may have been plated but it's not gold. So just spend it.

What is the value of 1978 South African currency proof set 1cent to 1Rand?

If you talk about the gold coin the reseller value is at this moment EUR. 179,00 (28.06.2012)

Where can you find Krugerrand coins?

The Kruggerand is a gold coin from South Africa. They are released by the South African Mint and Government of South Africa. You could get them in South Africa or check with a local coin store.

How much is a quarter ounce 1982 kruggerand worth?

About $300.00 at this time

Dollar value 1978?

value of a 1978 corvett

What is the value of a 1978 gold Eisenhower dollar coin?

1978 Ike dollars were made of copper and nickel, so what you have is a gold-plated coin. This was done by a private company somewhere, NOT the U.S. Mint. Being that the coin was altered, it destroys any legitimate collector value, but they sell as novelties for around $10 on eBay.