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Could you check the mint mark? If it's an S, your coin should be a proof issue. Normally proofs are hand-inspected at the mint so it's unlikely that an obvious error would be released. Plus, as a proof it should be in its original plastic mint holder. If the coin is not a proof but does have those two errors it would be hard to put a price on it without examination. You'd need to take it to a dealer who has expertise in error coins to have it evaluated in person. The bubble could be exactly that - sometimes a small amount of gas will be trapped in between the metal layers in the clad "sandwich" when they're bonded. The gas can result from contamination or other crud that wasn't removed completely before bonding. The gas can cause a bubble to appear when the coin is struck, or afterwards if exposed to significant temperature changes.

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Q: What is the value of a 1984-S quarter that seems to be double struck and has a bubble on the obverse?
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What is an Arizona quarter worth which is not struck on the head?

If you mean the obverse is missing? It's likely been altered, but take to a coin dealer to be sure.

What is a 1968 double stamped quarter eagle stamped over head worth?

Do you mean a quarter DOLLAR? Quarter eagles were not issued in 1968. And could you describe "double 'stamped"" ? (note the term is actually "struck" in coin jargon).

Who was on the us quarter in 1832?

The obverse has a stylized, symbolic portrait of Miss Liberty, not a real person. The first US coin struck for circulation to have a likeness of a real person is the 1909 Lincoln cent.

How much would a mis struck Philadelphia 1983 quarter be worth it has n god we trust erty of liberty and smooth edge?

It islikely the obverse die was filled by grease or other crud when it was struck. A very common thing. as to value maybe a dollar.

What is the value of a 1972 eisenhower no mint mark double struck obverse?

All error coins need to be seen for an accurate assessment. Take it to a coin dealer for an idea of value.

How much is a 1985 double struck penny on which you can see the reverse on the obverse and the obverse on the reverse worth?

It's likely been altered by putting 3 penny's in a vise, the middle coin will have a reverse mirror image of the other two coins. But just to be sure, take it to a coin dealer.

How much is a double sided quarter worth double struck eagle?

If it is a phony...about $10.00. If is a real minted coin; auctions start bids off at about $10 to $20 thousand.

What is the value of a 1786 Quarter?

The first US quarter was struck in 1796.

When was the Pennsylvania quarter made?

The Pennsylvania state quarter was struck in 1999

Is a 1970 quarter made of silver?

The 1970 Washington quarter was NOT struck in silver.

Where was the first quarter made?

The first US 25 cent coin (quarter) was struck in 1796.

What year was the 1942 quarter struck?

All coins dated 1942 were struck IN 1942

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