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You have a bullion piece sold for its silver content and not for spending. The price of silver changes every day, so you'll need to either look at the business section of a newspaper or Google the words SPOT PRICE SILVER to get a current value.

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4-13-11>> Value is tied to the spot price of silver, about $40.00

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Q: What is the value of a 1oz fine silver American eagle coin worth?
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How much are Value of 2003 American Silver Eagle Worth?


What is a 1991 silver American eagle worth?

It will be worth the value of silver per ounce. Currently about 30 dollars.

What is the 1999 Silver American Eagle coin worth?

Value is $16.85 as of today

What is the value of a silver eagle dated 1986 1 oz fine silver?

A 1986P American Silver Eagle in uncirculated condition is worth about $20. If proof 1986S, it is worth about $40.

How much ia a 1991 silver dollar worth?

As of today the value is about $17.00 it's a bullion coin and the value is just for the silver. FYI it's called a Silver Eagle or American Silver Eagle coin

What is the silver great American eagle worth by gilroy Roberts?

What is the Great American Eagle by Gilroy Roberts Worth in Silver

What is the value of an 2013 US silver dollar?

You are probably asking about American Eagle silver dollars. These are worth about the spot price of silver. Currently they are worth about $32.

What is the value of 2004 silver liberty dollar 1oz silver?

A 2004 American Silver Eagle in Uncirculated condition is worth about $17. Proof is worth about $40.

American eagle silver dollar full color?

A "colorized" silver eagle has no numismatic collectible value, but it's still one ounce of silver that's worth about $30.00.

What is the value of silver American eagle 1 oz 2007?

The U.S. Silver Eagle is one troy ounce of pure silver. As of 22 January 2013, it's worth $32.

What is the value of a 1992 liberty silver dollar?

A 1992 American Eagle Bullion Silver Dollar in MS65 condition is worth: $24.00.

What is the value of a 1 lb silver eagle coin?

A 1 pound Silver Eagle is worth about $200.