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That's a one ounce silver round. At present, silver is worth about $27/ounce.

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What is the worth of the 2005 Walking Liberty silver uncirculated?

A little less than the spot price of silver at time of sale.

The current spot price of silver is $29.14 per ounce, so that's the value of the coin.

This is a bullion coin and it's value follows the market price of silver per ounce and as of 2-8-10 value is $15.13 per ounce, so that's the value of the coin.

If you mean a American Silver Eagle bullion coin dated 2005, it's value goes up & down with the spot price of silver. As of 3-23-11 the coin is worth about $33.00.

$1-$2 for most of them. Exceptional coins will have a higher value.

You can find the blue book value for a 2005 used Jeep Liberty online by going to Kelley Blue Book. The website is and it is the most frequent used website that gives you the actual blue book value of a car.

Check the current price of silver - about $13 an ounce.

It's a 2005 one-ounce Silver Eagle bullion coin and as of today is about $18.00

The coin is still in circulation today and is face value.

New Liberty - 2005 was released on: USA: February 2005

The First 48 - 2004 Fifty Dollar Murder Murder in Liberty City 3-6 was released on: USA: 15 December 2005

Liberty nickels were minted from 1883 to 1912. All nickels minted since 1938 have been Jefferson nickels, and ALL coins carry the word Liberty. In any case huge numbers of 2005 nickels were saved because they have a special design for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, and any that you find in change are only worth face value.

The 1861 Liberty Seated quarter has a average starting value of $25.00. But if it's a 2005 Kansas State quarter, just spend it.

From the factory a 2005 Liberty did not have any grease zerks.

6-16-11>>> As of today about $35.00

What is your question? The clock in the 2005 jeep liberty is built in to the factory radio.

Institute for Liberty was created in 2005.

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value only. The Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar are almost equal in value, so a quarter is a quarter in either country.

2005 jeep liberty 4wd 3.7l how to change diff.oil

The 2005 Sacagawea dollar was released for circulation so it's just face value. Only Uncirculated or Proof coins are worth more. NOTE: None of the coins contain any gold.

Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question.Liberty nickels were minted from 1883 to 1912There US has never made a gold nickel.

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