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What is the value of a 22 LR caliber Stevens Junior Model 11 made by Stevens Arms Company Patent July 7 1907?


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The Junior Model 11 was Stevens' last attempt to market a boy's rifle. It was discontinued in the late 1930s. Value depends on condition -- less than $100 if fair or worse, maybe $300 if excellent and you find the right collector. It would be rare to see one sell for more than $200 in average condition.


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The '1864' marking you are seeing is part of a patent date, not a model number. Stevens guns generally will have the 1864 patent date through about 1916, and there were a great many models produced on the same basic action that would show that patent date. If you can send us detailed digital pictures, we can help you identify which model you have and go from there.

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That is the date of a patent owned by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

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It had to be manufactured between the 1912 patent date and 1915 when the company ceased operations.

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