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I paid $250.00 for my 1966 Winchester Centennial at a Texas Gun Show without the box and I had been fired. It is in great condition. I have seen others asking $450.00 plus for the same. I would take $425.00 for mine. If you consider fair market value to be what Im willing to take and your willing to give then $400-425 should be close. John Overturf

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Q: What is the value of a 30-30 Centennial 66 Winchester?
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What is the value of a Winchester centennial rifle?

What is the value of a Winchester Centinnial 30-30 Rifle Model '66 With hex barrel and gold plated chamber What is the value of a Winchester Centinnial 30-30 Rifle Model '66 With hex barrel and gold plated chamber

Where can you find a Winchester centennial 66?

You can often find a Winchester Centennial 66 at a gun show or in the hands of collectors. Due to their age, they are not likely to be found at gun shops.

What is a 30-30 Centennial 66 Winchester worth?

If your centennial model 66 has never been fired(new in the box condition) and includes the box and hang tags then the value is 675 dollars.If it has been used to hunt with and shot then the value is 200-350 dollars.

What year was the Winchester 66 centennial made serial number 98763?

The 66 centennial rifle and carbine were made in 1966 with a total production of both being 102,309.

What is the value of a Rifle and Carbine Winchester 66 Centennial made in 1966 gold plated never had a shell in it with consecutive serial numbers?

$1,200 to $1,300 with box and manuals

What is the value of my Winchester Centennial 66 serial number 29532 good to excellent condition?

I have one given as a retirement gift from the factory there were a lot made and are around 4-6 hundred $ now

What is a Winchester 66 centennial 30-30 20 inch octagonal barrel serial 62004 worth?

Need a detailed description.

Value of Winchester 66 golden boy?

how much new rifle

Value of Winchester Centennial 66 lever action repeating rifle 30 30 26 in octagonal barrell model 6601 serial 66551 Purchased new1966 original certificate warranty box?

If the rifle in question was never fired(new in the box) then the value will be 695 dollars.If it was fired then the value will be 300 dollars.

What is the value of mod 66 3030 lever action?

You will have to provde a detailed description of ALL markings and condition to get a realistic guess. Also, who made it.

What is the value of a Winchester 66 Centennial made in 1966 gold plated never had a shell in it?

According to the Blue Book, the rifle is worth $450 and the carbine $425 in 100% condition. The blue books are a joke, if want to see what the real value is follow the market on the auctions. I wish I could buy winchesters at blue book value

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 12 serial number 933929?

It's 66 years old (1942)

What is the value of a 30-30 Winchester Model 94 with a 36 inch octagon barrel and gold plating?

I'm fairly certain that you mean a 26" barrel.I know of no 36 " ones ever produced. I'll assume that the gold plating is on the receiver and not the barrel. If there is no medallion in the stock, it more than likely is a Centennial 66 Century of leadership....If new in box, unfired, the value is approx. $450-$500 est.

What is the name of the famous lever action weapon?

Winchester Model 66

How can you find proof that a 30-30 Winchester Centennial Model 66 serial number 102366 was stolen in the 1973 South Dakota Wounded Knee Uprising?

If the theft was reported to law enforcement, the information should have been entered in the NCIC database. It can be checked by a law enforcement agency.

What is the smallest sum of 66?

66 is a single number and so there is no sum as such. The only value is 66.

What is value of 1947-S silver quarter in MS-66 condition?

Average market value is $51.25 in MS-66

What is the value of 66 divided by w equal by 11?


If you refinish a 1966 Winchester model 94 30-30 will it hold it's value?

Any Winchester built after 1963 is not really a collectable since the hand-finishing and fitting was discontinued in favor of higher profits. A "shooter" with a good refinish job will sell faster than one that shows a lot of use. If you are talking about a regular Walmart 1966 Winchester 94 the first answer is correct. If your talking the gold plated 66 Centennial, you would be better off not refinishing it unless it is in terrible condition. My dad refinished a Colt Woodsman, because he let it get rusty. It was terrible and sold for only about half what it would have it he just cleaned it up. John Overturf

The GCF of 66 and x is 11 the LCM of 66 and x is 858 what is the value of x?


What is the value of a jc Higgins model 66 12 ga?

Model 66 583-605

What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 Canadian Centennial 1867-1967?

The Canadian Centennial Rifle and Carbine were made in 1967. The Standard Catalog of Firearms lists a value of $395 for either, but that is WITH the box. Without the box, it should be valued as a shooter, and the Blue Book of Gun Values suggests $275 for a 100% post-64 rifle but says add 20% for pre-1992, making it $330. Well, That last answer of $350 may not be accuate. Of the last appraisal that was done on my was under $470. And that is in slightly less than perfect condition. I have also fired my rifle several times. I purchased the gun from my father-in-law a few years ago and the weapon was also purchased in Canada. This is a wonderful firearm. Winchester is still the best in my book. But that is what my rifle was appraised at. In a recent Tyler, Texas gun show a collector was offering his Canadian for $450.00 in really good condition. He didnt get it, I was offering my 1966 Centennial for the same, and didnt get it. I feel the price for one without box, is probably $400 or less. I paid $250 for my 66 and was tickled to get it.

What is value of butterfly stamp?

66 cents

What is a old navy arms model 66 rifle worth?

If your Navy Arms rifle is the lever action Yellowboy (reproduction of the Winchester 1866) they list for $400-500, depending on condition. The carbine version has a slightly lower value.

How many miles is Winchester from Richmond Virginia?

150 miles taking this route:Take I-95 NORTH from Richmond to U.S. 17 NORTH to WARRENTON at EXIT 133 near Fredericksburg.Take U.S. 17 NORTH to I-66 WEST. Turn left onto I-66 WEST.Take I-66 WEST to I-81 NORTH to WINCHESTER at EXIT 1B.Take I-81 NORTH to Winchester.

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