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What is the value of a 32 caliber Browning pistol with Hege Waffen West Germany ap66cal 765mm scripted on the gun?



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Look to see if there are any model numbers on the gun. 32 caliber (7.65mm) pistols were manufactured during the years 1900-1914 if it is an 1900 FN. If it is a model 1922, several hundred thousand were produced during the NAZI occupation between 1940-1944. After you determine the model of the gun, you need to contact a dealer to grade the firearm in its present condition to know the true worth of the gun. **Due to the "Hege Waffen West Germany" markng. . Made for export in the mid 60's. FN contracted with a number of manufacturers. A number of them were made under license at the Hungarian firearms manufacturer FEG. If there is an encircled Pegasus on the slide, it would be one of the Hege FEG copies of the Walther PP. The value would depend on the overall conditon, but usually in the $200 range.