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Look to see if there are any model numbers on the gun. 32 caliber (7.65mm) pistols were manufactured during the years 1900-1914 if it is an 1900 FN. If it is a model 1922, several hundred thousand were produced during the NAZI occupation between 1940-1944. After you determine the model of the gun, you need to contact a dealer to grade the firearm in its present condition to know the true worth of the gun. **Due to the "Hege Waffen West Germany" markng. . Made for export in the mid 60's. FN contracted with a number of manufacturers. A number of them were made under license at the Hungarian firearms manufacturer FEG. If there is an encircled Pegasus on the slide, it would be one of the Hege FEG copies of the Walther PP. The value would depend on the overall conditon, but usually in the $200 range.

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Does browning make a rifle in 3030 caliber?


Does browning make a 32 caliber automatic?


What caliber is a browning bar 243?

243 Winchester

What is the caliber for a 55110 browning shotgun?

10 gauge

Need information on a browning in 348 caliber?

What do you want to know?

What is the value of a Browning 1885 in 270 caliber?

300 or so.

What is the rate of twist for a browning a bolt stalker?

Depends on the caliber.

How much is a Browning 50 caliber?

$11,000 USD in 2012

What caliber is a browning with serial number 23063?

Serial numbers do not designate calibers. Look on the brrel to ID the caliber.

What case for a case for a Browning 22 caliber take-down rifle WITH a mounted scope?

Try Browning.

Can you use 25 caliber ammunition in a Browning Belgian made 6 mm handgun?

Browning made the "Baby Browning" in Belgium for several years, on the muzzel of this tiny 6 shot automatic it states .6mm. It does in fact take 25 caliber ammunition.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Browning rifle serial 2145479?


What lever action rifles come in 223 caliber?

Browning BlR

What is the value of a 22 caliber Browning target pistol serial 66611U74?

Browning Challenger made in 1974. $300-$400.

What year was this made Browning 22 Caliber Rifles made in belgium SN 2732503 Grade I?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Where can you buy a Browning custom case for a 1968 22 caliber Browning break-apart semi-automatic?

Do an internet search for 'Browning luggage case'

What is the value of a Browning 30-338 rifle serial L9804?

AFAIK, Browning didn't make any rifles in that caliber.

How do you determine caliber of browning hi power handgun?

I am aware of only one chambering in the Browning hi-power,that is 9mm parabellum.

What caliber gun was used to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Browning .32

What year is a browning with ser 348476?

You must provide the model and caliber/gauge.

How do you disarm a browning 25 caliber pearl grip pistol?

take it to a gunsmith

How many rounds does a browning safari hold?

No way to answer without knowing the caliber.

How many shells does the browning lever action hold?

Varies according to caliber.

What caliber was the browning lmg?

Both the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and the Browning machineguns (series 1919) were made in caliber 30-06. HOWEVER, there were other calibers manufactured for special markets. Search Wikipedia for BAR, and look up some of the secondary calibers- they may be a surprise.

When did browning make a 45 caliber pistol?

Browning never "made" a 45. They sold the SIG with their name on it. Similar to their 380 which was made by Berreta.

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