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What is the value of a 32 special Forehand revolver patented January 3 1888?

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Seldom exceed 60 to 70 USD or so

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Forehand 38 cal breakopen revolver?

You have not yet asked a question, despite the question mark. The successor to the Forehand & Wadsworth Company, Forehand firearms were made from 1890 to 1902. Values are not high, but would depend on exact model and condition. Please note this is NOT a .38 Special, but a caliber .38 S&W.

What is the difference between a 38 special revolver and aregular revolver?

38 special is only a revolver caliber. that's like saying a 44 magnum revolver or a 500 special revolver. a revolver is a revolver

What is the value of 32 SW CTGS Secret Service Special hammerless revolver patented May 17 1922 with 14 stamped under the trigger guard?

Seldom exceed 80 USD

Difference between a 38 revolver and a 38 special?

It depends on what you mean. A .38 revolver may be a .38 special, but there are other types of .38 besides just the special round.

What is the most popular revolver?

38 special

Model 36 Chiefs Special?

A fine revolver.

What is a J frame revolver?

The "J" frame is the Smith & Wesson small frame revolver such as the model 36 .38 special. The smallest frame, as in the model 36 Chief's Special.

Colt police positive 38 special?

Good revolver.

Is there a safety lock on a colt detective 38 special revolver?


Can you shoot 38 caliber ammo from a 38 plus p revolver?

A ".38 +P revolver" is simply a .38 Special revolver which is rated to fire +P loads. It's still a .38 Special, and the +P doesn't change the dimensions of the round itself.

What 38 rounds fit the rossi 38 special?

Your Rossi revolver fires the .38 special cartridge.

What is the price of a 38 special revolver?

They can range from 100-5000 USD

What kind of ammo can be shot out of a 38 caliber revolver?

38 special.

Why was Samuel Colt's revolver special and important?

look on another site.

What can shoot out of a 44 mag revolver?

44 magnum and 44 special.

How much is a 32 special worth revolver type?

50 or so

Where do you find the serial number on a colt army special revolver?

The butt.

How much is a 38 special revolver rg 40?


What is the age of your rg 38 special revolver?

No sn data available

Can you use 38 Special Ammunition in a ruger 38 revolver?


S w 38 special 6 shot revolver 6 barrell old has three dates on barrell patented feb 6 08 sept 14 08 dec 00 14 no model number but sn on butt is 505617?

You will have to call S&W

What is the proper ammo for a .44 Special Pug Charter Arms revolver?

.44 Special is the correct ammunition.

What is your Colt Trooper 38 Special Revolver worth?

-40 - 400 usd

Who owned Arminius revolver thirty eight special 0818457?

jack ruby?

What is the value of a EIG 38 special snubnose revolver?

25-60 or so

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