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What is the value of a 410 Crescent Quail hammerless double barrel?

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There is a wealth of information by Nick Niles in the Gun Digest book of Guns and Prices 2005 Edition, ISBN #0-89689-324-3 and library of congress # 2005906853 Models, prices, and history. Also acomplete listofALL the names associated with Crescent F.A. Co

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What is the value of a 410 Crescent Firearms Quail hammerless double in fair to good condition?

50-125 USD

What is a Crescent Firearms 410 Quail Hammerless double barrel with serial 385 worth?

$150-$400 (only goes that high if you can find a buyer who thinks a 410 is worth more than a larger gauge) I disagree. Depending on condition, older double barrels, even off brand ones, command a premium the smaller the gauge. Stevens 311A's in excellent condition are going for $400-$700 range. The Crescent Quail Hammerless would start at these prices and go higher. The Hammerless Quail with checkered walnut and splinter forend would begin at the $700 range if in 90-95% condition. Alot depends on the local market. In the southeast, .410 SxSs are going for high dollars.

What is the value of a 410 Crescent Arms Quail hammerless double in excellent condition?

The book value is between 175 and 700, those are subjective. I have seen those and like pieces selling for around the 550 to 600 mark depending on condition 95% or better.

What age is hammerless quail 410 shotgun number 2137 and can I find estimate on value?

70-100 years. 50-150 USD

What is the value o a Crescent side by side 410 shotgun exposed hammers serial number 6252 has engraving quail gun and barrel has belgium laminated steel?

about 150-200 if it has a nice petina and no rust, decent furniture, down to 35-50 as a wall hanger or lamp.

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What is the value of a Double Barrell Crescent Firearms Quail Hammer less shotgun?

I have one in 85 to 95 percent condition. A beautiful little SXS .410. i wouldn't take less than $950.00, just because it's unusual and very sweet.

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