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What is the value of a 410 Savage Stevens Model 79 pump shotgun?


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The intristic vaule of a firearm depends 1st. on it's history, then it's condition and functionality.

If the model 79 belonged to an Uncle or grandfather or another family member it could be and should be cared for and is "priceless".

Currently the model 79 is avaiable in some markets in the Midwest as "used" for about 200-250$.

The 410 is/was a youth or light weight model and a little harder to find. So if you have one in "mint" condition with the box and papers from purchase in might be worth 4$??

The Stevens, Savage, Springfield models 94, 67, 79, 311 where the gun's sold at Sears and MontgomeryWards. Bargin priced guns in their day.