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What is the value of a 5 shot top break revolver with US imprints on the grip?


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Not much. Usually about $50-$150 depending on condition. They are a cheaper version of Iver Johnson revolvers. The first course of action to discern the value of a gun is to identify the make, model, manufacturing date, and variation. The book "Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993" by W. Goforth will probably accomplish this. Then it's a simple matter of looking your gun up in one of the many firearm value books, such as the Blue Book of Gun Values, or the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

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Need a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ALL MARKINGS, barrel length, grips, sights, box, accessories, papers, finish, etc..

First of all describe the gun. Is it a revolver, or a shotgun? A revolver has a grip but so does a shotgun (actually a for end).

your revolver sounds like a 'break-open' type gun. probably from the 1930's or so. No value unless it's marked Colt or S&W. depending on condition i.e., gun is complete and functional. no pitts or rust. then anywhere from $75 to $150...........those type of 'break-opens' are a dime a dozen, and not too safe to shoot modern ammo.....

It all depends on what pistol you are talking about for example on the Revolver it is a grip panel where you hold the revolver, if you are talking about a Semi-Automatic Pistol, there are two things, the grip panel, and the ammo magizine.

Need more information. Break open or swing-out cylinder? Also, the complete serial number will be located under the left grip panel.

$50-$100 and up, depending on condition, markings, and history of the gun.

Look on the grip frame under the grip panes and on the bottom of the frame under the barrel.

With no more than that to go on, the best I can give you is a range of 300-3000

Depends on what model, finish, barrel length, grips and grip material, engraving, box, papers, etc.. Range from 300-3000

No. It describes the sight picture on the target.

This question can be answered if more information is provided. Describe where marking are found on barrel or top strap, serial number on bottom of grip frame and under left grip, condition of the firearm, what type of finish?

50-125 in poor to average condition. Excellent condition examples will sell up to around $200 for the short barrel, rounded grip version.l

How to Break 90 1 The Grip - 1933 was released on: USA: 15 May 1933

Iver Johnson gun works Worcester, MA

A revolver is so named because the bullets are in a cylinder which revolves to supply a new round to be fired after each shot. A pistol is usually supplied by a magazine which is in the grip.

Depends on the revolver. If it has individual shells, it is very likely you load each individual shell from the front. and if the shells are not removable, it is likely somewhere in/under/by the grip you will load the bb's.

if the revolver you have is a police positive special,it was made in 1940.the value would be 200.00dollars in 50% condition up to 295.00 in 90% condition.

Need more information. Solid frame or top break, and the complete serial number is generally found under the left grip panel.

The serial number for an RG Industries Model RG 31 revolver is located on the frame at the bottom of the grip. To find it, remove the grip and look at the bottom of the exposed frame.

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish, grips, sights, box, accessories, papers, condition.

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