What is the value of a Barbour s.p. co. 3857?

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What is the age and value of a Stevens Arms and Tool Co shotgun?

Answer . If it is marked "J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co" it was made between 1886 and 1916 when "Arms & Tool" were part of the company name.\n. \nValue will depend on the configuration and condition. Side hammers usually go as mantle decorations, especially if they have damascus barrels ($75 for sin ( Full Answer )

What is the value of Syracuse Arms Co shotguns?

Answer . I just got through researching this for a friend. Found some on some gun auction sites. depending on condition, its worth is between $200 and $1,300. Answer . It really depends on the grade and condition of the shotgun. The Double Gun Journal has had several articles in the last 2 ye ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Ithaca Gun Co shotgun?

%DETAILS%. Answer . There are just too many variables to Ithaca shotguns to be able to give you a estimated value. If you go to the shotgun message board at Antique Guns you can find some true Ithaca experts. Be prepared to tell them EVERYTHING that is marked on the gun and WHERE it is marked. ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Western Arms and Co shotgun?

%DETAILS%. Answer . This name has been used by several companies, but most of the shotguns encountered with this name will have been made by Ithaca around 1930 - 1950. If your father only THINKS it is a century old, I would bet it is one of these. However if he KNOWS it is that old, I have fou ( Full Answer )

What is the age and value of a Utica Firearms Co shotgun?

Utica Firearms Company: Trade name used by the Simmons HardwareCompany of St. Louis, Missouri on firearms they retailed c. 1900.Yours is a bit unusual if it has damascus barrels but no exteriorhammers. Shooters want fluid steel barrels, decorators want sidehammers, and few collectors want hardware-s ( Full Answer )

What is the value of Falls Arms Co Nitro Special shotguns?

Answer . \nHere in Tennessee where I live if they are in very good condition they will bring about 150.00. Answer . Hey, Sawyer, why don't you go to Walmart or Gander Mountain and buy NEW utility grade single shots for about $89.95 instead of spending $150 for a USED Stevens product?. Answer ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Model 1182 shotgun by Russell Arms Co?

Answer . \nThat was a trade name of a New York hardware store. They bought guns from a distributor (likely HD Folsom) and had them marked with their brand name. The gun could have been made by Crescent, Stevens, Hopkins & Allen, or one of the other prolific manufacturers of the late 1800's - e ( Full Answer )

Value of shotgun by Russell Arms Co model 1182?

2000 if in mint condition. If less than mint condition, figure about $200 if it is complete and functional, $25-50 if broken or rusty. These were made in Belgium for H&D Folsum Sporting Goods by Joseph Cap or F. Dumoulin & Co around 1900.

What is the value of a Baker Gun Co Model 1897?

What is the value of a Baker Gun Co Model 1897?" What is the value of a Baker Gun Co Model 1897?" XXXXXXXXXXXX If you post in the answer section, we don't see your post as an unanswered question. The Baker shotguns may sell for $100-500, depending on condition, grade, and whether they have damascus ( Full Answer )

What is the value of barbour s p co 3949?

I have the exact piece, and just had it appraised in my town in upstate New York. It is called a Jewelery Casket. Mine is missing a small a small felt piece that lines the inside of the cover. I was tole $60.00 - $100.00 . I have a piece number 3949 - how many of this item were made?

What is the value of an 1872 model waltham co pocket watch?

That depends on the watch. The simplest examples, with 15 jewels and brass plates are usually a couple of hundred bucks. the cases are more valuable than the movements. The more elaborate decorated nickel plate examples, with 21 jewels in solid gold cases are often more than $5,000.

What is the value of barbour sp co 3716?

When determining the exact value of a Barbour SP Co 3716, a coupledifferent factors would need to be taken into consideration. Someof these factors would include the age and condition.

What is the value of Barbour SP Co 3330?

If the conditionÊof the Barbour SP Co 3330 is good, the value isbetween $125 an $150. If it is fair condition the value is between$50 and $75.

You would like to know the value of a Barbour box 3293 ty?

Hello, . My name is Suzan, I would like to know if you would know the value of this silver box, it has Egyptian people with pyramids and cows also. It measures about 5 inches long 3 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches high.. Thank You, Suzan

What is the value of cos pie4?

cos pi over four equals the square root of 2 over 2 This value can be found by looking at a unit circle. Cos indicates it is the x value of the point pi/4 which is (square root 2 over 2, square root 2 over 2)

What is the value of Elgin natl watch co serial 3790053?

$10- $3000. Is the case nickle, silver, brass, 10k gold, 10kGF, 14k gold, 14kGF? Pristine? Dented? Scratched? Worn? Engraved? Is the dial pristine? Any patina? Repainted? Is crystal new? Scratched? Broken? How is the mainspring? Is it over-wound? How is the hairspring? When was it last serviced? Was ( Full Answer )

Where can you find free gun values for Winchester gun co?

On line firearm auction sites, such as gunbroker, auctionarms, and gunsamerica may represent the best estimate of what a given gun is selling for, if you search for your gun in the closed or completed auctions.

What Is the value of cos?

Cos is the ratio between adjacent side (of the given angle thieta) to the hypotenuse of the triangle.

What trigonometric value is equal to cos 62?

The solution is found by applying the definition of complementary trig functions: Cos (&Theta) = sin (90°-&Theta) cos (62°) = sin (90°-62°) Therefore the solution is sin 28°.

How can you get a value for Tiffany and Co jewelry?

I would recommend browsing diamond and jewelry online price indexes whcih may offer price comparisons on designer jewelry. Also, online information regarding jewelry prices are availabe and easy to locate and browse.

What is the value of an Australian Iredale and Co 1820 token?

There are about 7 varieties of "Iredale & Co, Sydney - Established 1820" token all with the denomination of 1 Penny. At least one of them is inscribed "BRITANNIA" and features the seated figure of Britannia. The rest seem to have "AUSTRALIA" over a standing figure holding scales. The tokens do not ( Full Answer )

Are Haley Barbour and Walworth Barbour related?

Interesting question and I'm curious as to why it was asked ... Walworth as US Ambassador to Israel under John F Kennedy was certainly a curious character bearing many fundamental resemblances to Haley ... curious in his negation of State Department views on Israel, his playing down of Kennedy's obj ( Full Answer )

What is value of cos sq 765?

The square of 765 equals 585225. The cosine of 585225 equals -0.70710678118707 for your answer. Hope I helped!

What is the value of Cos 1?

The inverse cos of 1 is equal to o degrees. You can find this answer by knowing what angle measurement has cos equal to a value of 1.

How do you locate a value on a Bernard Picture Co watercolor 580?

There are many Bernard Picture Co prints on ebay. Sometimes listed under B.P. Inc., depending on what's on the litho print itself. This will give you an idea of value. BUT be sure to look at COMPLETED listings, to see what the art prints actually sold for (not what sellers are asking for them.) Th ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate cos value?

In a problem which can be represented by a right angled triangle, the value of the cosine of an angle can be found by dividing the length of the side adjacent to the angle with the length of the hypotenuse, so if the shorter side was 16 units long and the hypotenuse was 25 units long the cosine of t ( Full Answer )

What is Barbour Silver co?

Barbour Silver Co. appears to have been a marketing company for I J Stearnes & Company of thier silver plate goods started by Samuel and Charles Barbour in the late 19th century in New Haven, Connecticut. It was originally called Barbour Brothers Company, located at 64 Market St. in New Haven. By 18 ( Full Answer )

What is the Value of Barbour SP Co silver serving tray?

Price is dependent on many variables and opinions vary. It depends on who made the tray, the tray's age, size, provenance of the tray, condition, desirability of the design, and whether the tray is a step above the common silver-plated tray (what embellishments does it have). Trays that have STERLIN ( Full Answer )

How do you remember sin and cos values?

Mnemonics A common use of mnemonics is to remember facts and relationships in trigonometry. For example, the sine , cosine , and tangent ratios in a right triangle can be remembered by representing them as strings of letters. For instance, a mnemonic for English speakers is SOH-CAH-TOA:. S i ( Full Answer )

What is the value of pattern 1002 a Barbour Silver Co creamer?

As a collector of this particular pattern, I can tell you it depends on the condition of the silver. If there is no silver left on it and what you see is dark metal, then the value is only around $25 to $50. If it is in good condition and does not have to be replated, then you can ask about $100. If ( Full Answer )

Why the value of cos positive for negative value of angle?

The cosine of an angle is the adjacent side of the angle of a triangle divided the hypotenuse. If you plot the adjacent side as x on an x -y graph, for negative angles less than 90 degrees the adjacent side is positive and the hypotenuse is always positive, so you get a positive. The cosine is po ( Full Answer )

What is value of meriden s p co international s co 2323?

The value of the item will depend on it's condition, form as well as pattern on the piece. To properly gauge the piece's worth, I would recommend taking it to someone knowlegeble in the company's history to get a quote.

What is the exact value of cos 70 degrees?

The exact value is an irrational number, and can't be written on paper with digits. 0.34202 is less than 0.000042 percent wrong. Cos(70 deg) is an irrational number and it is impossible to give its exact value.