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What is the value of a Beanie Babie named Kaleidoscope?


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It could be between $5 and $7 unless if he is rare.


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Not quite sure about that one, but I believe it's the Royal Blue Elephant named Peanut. It's value can run around 3k.

It is soposed to cost up to thousands of dollars depending on what beannie babie it is but since they arnt popular anymore they only are worth about 1.00 dollar.

it is worth 7 dollars. if you are welling to sell it i will by it. this is a true answer i have a beanie baby book. sorry this isn't in capital letters . :)

Many of thee Beanie Babies are valued in price close to $10 each. The amount will vary depending upon its condition.

According to the Beanie Value Guide, Maple can go for as much as $500(U.S.)

What is the beanie baby "Valentina's" value

It all depends on the generation on the hang tag and the generation on the tush tag. Earlier versions will be worth money. Any beanie baby that has an error on it (ie, wrong color, misspellings, etc.) will be worth more money. There are rare beanie babies that are worth a lot of money but they are few and far between. Most beanieb babies after all of these years are only worth a dollor or two. I know that you don't want to hear that. Your best bet would be to google and do a search on each of your beanie babie to descipher their value.

If it is a new beanie baby with all the tags and labels still attached then it will be worth approx £1.50-£3.50. If it is an old and played with bear then it will be worth about £0.50-£1.50 depending on the condition.

The Derby Fuzzy Mane Beanie Baby is a item that does not have a lot of value. As of June 2014, this Beanie Baby is worth between $3 and $5.

Depends on which beanie baby it is. Some are worth a few hundred dollars, others are virtually worthless. Check out How to Determine the Value of Your Beanie Baby at the related link.

The value of Maple the Beanie Baby depends on its condition. As of 2014 this stuffed toy is worth about 5 dollars in mint condition.

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I have a marvelous collection of internation beanie babies and an India is approx worth about $2500, wther you can get that much and the condition all determine the value.

A manufacturing error produced the most valuable Beanie Baby of all, a much darker variation on the more common Peanut. It's worth $4500.

the value could match up to many different amounts but most are not worth much although if you had enough could amount to something

probably nothing everything from mcdonalds is cheap and everyone knows it's espieacally cheap if it comes with a happy meal 'smart

i think if you tke them back to a store they were shold at...that they give you a prize 4 how many you have

about 2$ but people do it for more money and you can also get them in a grab machine but they are really hard to get with the grabber.

at least 2 or 1 dollar less than what you bought it for. (unless it was a present then i do not know)

The rarity & condition of said item determines value. This is difficult to answer online without availability for inspection.

The value of a Classy Beanie Baby is $1.37. Pugsly the Dog is worth $2.10. BAT-e is worth $4.29. Fleecie is worth $3.73. DADe is worth between $3.62 and $2.97. There is no Beanie Baby by the name of Tuffy, Soybean, Reese, or Glory.

Visit tradebeanies.co.uk and also check out from eBay and Amazon for purchasing online. For stores, you may check for yellow page directory. And to know the value of Beanie Baby cards, subscribe to Beckett's online price guide.

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