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What is the value of a Central Arms Co St. Louis USA with x on either end of the engraved name double trigger double barrel side by side 20 gauge shotgun?

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2011-09-15 11:14:53

Central Arms Co. was the name applied to firearms made by the H

& D Folsom/Crescent Arms Co. for the Shapleigh Hdw. Co. of St

Louis. This organization, Folsom/Cresent Arms, manufactured low

cost firearms under a number of different names. You could actually

buy the same firearm at a number of different stores with different

names on it.

These Folsom/Crescent made guns have very little collector value

and in the various firearm pricing guides (which you can buy at

most large book stores) they generally lump them all together (if

they mention them at all) with a value of from $50 to $200

depending on condition, with the statement that you should have any

one of them checked by a qualified gunsmith before shooting. That

said I have noticed, though, that the value of some of these low

cost "trade guns" if they are in very good condition, rarely found,

are starting to escalate in value. This is especially true if they

are in one of the smaller guages.

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