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Central Arms Co. was the name applied to firearms made by the H & D Folsom/Crescent Arms Co. for the Shapleigh Hdw. Co. of St Louis. This organization, Folsom/Cresent Arms, manufactured low cost firearms under a number of different names. You could actually buy the same firearm at a number of different stores with different names on it.

These Folsom/Crescent made guns have very little collector value and in the various firearm pricing guides (which you can buy at most large book stores) they generally lump them all together (if they mention them at all) with a value of from $50 to $200 depending on condition, with the statement that you should have any one of them checked by a qualified gunsmith before shooting. That said I have noticed, though, that the value of some of these low cost "trade guns" if they are in very good condition, rarely found, are starting to escalate in value. This is especially true if they are in one of the smaller guages.

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Who made a single barrel shotgun with a ring in the trigger guard that breaks the barrel down and what years?

Iver johnson

Which barrel fires first on over under shotgun?

Whichever one you pull the trigger to.

If a double barreled shotgun has two triggers which trigger operates which barrel?

The back one is for the left hand barrel and the front is for the right hand barrel.

How can you tell what a Steven 20 ga double barrel series H shotgun have for chokes in each barrel?

Break open the action and it should be engraved on the metal that is normally unseen when the action is close, that or it should be on the barrel. If the chokes are removable then it should be engraved on those as well.

What is the value of a Savage short barrel 12 gage single trigger shotgun?

The value of a Savage shot barrel 12 gauge single trigger shotgun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 450.00 and 550.00 as of 2014.

Where can you find a stock and trigger guard for a Crescent double barrel shotgun?

try gunstocks inc

When did Stevens make a double barrel shotgun with 3 triggers?

The front trigger opened the breach.

What is the value on eastern arms company double barrel shotgun double trigger?

150 dollars

If If you have double barrel shotgun that has Aclede Gun Co engraved instead of Laclede are you not seeing a L or is this the true name?

do you have a picture

Value of light twenty it is engraved gold trigger single barrel auto never been shot serial?

1000 uSD

What is the best shotgun?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to hunt, like duck, I would recommend a semi-auto shotgun chamberling at least 3 shells. If you want to shoot fast and accurately, like quail hunting or skeet shooting, I would recommend a single trigger "over and under" shotgun.(I think this is the best shotgun) But I would not recommend a double-barrel shotgun because of the barrel positions for any of these topics. If you just want to collect shotguns just get engraved and in good condition shotguns. (That's what I would recommend)

What is the value of a double barrel double trigger HR 1930 410 shotgun?

50-150 USD

What year was a double barrel-trigger-hammerless 12 gauge gun made with the numbers 4041 on it?

I have a 12 gauge shotgun with the numbers 4041 on it. It has a double barrel and double trigger and hammerless. Could someone tell me what year it was made?

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

Where is the Serial number on a 12 gauge shotgun central arms?

next to the barrel

Looking for the value of a The New England 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 2 triggers not sure of the age but made in Tiawan?

I have The New England Double barrel shotgun with 32 inch barrel single trigger and im looking for the same thing.

What is the value of a Central Arms 1915 double barrel shotgun?

50-100 USD

Is a Stevens doublebarrel shotgun witha 1915 patent date and engraved goose on the receiver amodel315?

I believe that is a model 311. I have the same double barrel.

What is a Crescent double barrel shotgun engraved W Richards Norwich Conn worth?

6227 numbered W Richards. Norwich Conn. What year is this?

How do you find the value of a Parker 28 gauge double trigger double barrel shotgun?

A good place to try is

Shotgun Fox-Savage 20 ga bouble barrel single trigger?

See Fox shotguns

4 Major component assemblies of the M500 shotgun?

Stock group, receiver group, barrel group, and trigger group.

How do you breakdown a Stevens 940a shotgun?

pull forearm off. open barrel and remove. drift 2 trigger assembly pins out. pull trigger ass. down and out. now drift the barrel catch pin and the lever and catch can be removed.

Does a single trigger on a double barrel shotgun fire two rounds at once or one round at a time?

There is a selector switch for the barrel you want. Not both barrels at the same time

How do you find information on a Wilmot double barrel shotgun with an engraved stock?

Depends on the information you are looking for. If you are interested in finding its value, check or for values.