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Q: What is the value of a Crescent model 60 Empire double barrel hammerless in good condition?
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What is the value of a Crescent Arms 20 gauge double barrel Empire model 60 hammerless shotgun?

The Crescent Arms "Empire Hammerless" double barrel (20 guage) is not a collectable gun, but is a "shooter". Thus, in shootable condition, it is worth about $200. That's what I paid for mine, strictly for bird hunting.

Is there a conversion kit available anywhere to change a Crescent Arms New Empire hammerless double barrel twelve gauge into an external hammer gun?


Where can you get a stock for a 12 gauge Crescent Arms double barrel hammerless shotgun?


What is the age of crescent firearms hammerless 410 double barrel shotgun sr 14546?

70-100 years

Does a Crescent double barrel 12 gauge marked New Empire made in Norwich Ct by Crescent SN 010276 VG have any value?

Depending on the condition and configuration, it would run from $100 to $250.

What is the age and value of a Springfield hammerless 12 GA side by side double barrel serial number T75679 in nearly new condition?

Do you mean a hammerless single-shot, double-barrel, slide-action...?

What is the value of a double barrel 410 shotgun Quill hammerless in excellent shooting order made by Crescent FA Co Norwich Conn?

150 USD

What is a Crescent 12ga double barrel worth?

Depends on condition and features. $75 to maybe as much as $250.

What is the age of an Empire Ejector shotgun that is a single barrel?

Empire Arms was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck. If it has the Crescent name on it, it would date from about 1893 to 1930. If it has open hammers and damascus barrels, it is more likely to be an early gun. Hammerless guns and fluid steel barrels were introduced about 1907, but sidehammer guns were not discontinued.

What is a Crescent Firearms 410 Quail Hammerless double barrel with serial 385 worth?

$150-$400 (only goes that high if you can find a buyer who thinks a 410 is worth more than a larger gauge) I disagree. Depending on condition, older double barrels, even off brand ones, command a premium the smaller the gauge. Stevens 311A's in excellent condition are going for $400-$700 range. The Crescent Quail Hammerless would start at these prices and go higher. The Hammerless Quail with checkered walnut and splinter forend would begin at the $700 range if in 90-95% condition. Alot depends on the local market. In the southeast, .410 SxSs are going for high dollars.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Springfield Arms hammerless side by side double barrel serial T75679 in nearly new condition?


How much is a side by side double barrel 16 gauge shotgun hammerless in fair condition worth?

Without knowing who made it, the question can't be answered

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