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To see the Used Value (Blue Book Value) of your gun you can go to All Glenfield Firearms are really Marlins, so look for a manual for a Marlin 75. Value will not be much, I'd guess $100-$150 retail. Blue Book cross-references to Marlin 989M1, but the M1 isn't in the listings, but the basic 989 production started in 1962 and 989M2 in 1966, so it's in that range. Of about 25 .22 Marlins listed, only 4 have a price range other than $65-$135, and they're not far off. I had a model 75 marlin glenfield I bought at Sears in the early 70's. It is a 10 shot semi auto similar to the model 60 but does not hold as many rounds. I paid around $70 for rifle and 4x scope. I live in a saltwater environment and this was a very dependeble and suprisingly accurate rifle for the price. It is LR shells only.

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Q: What is the value of a Glenfield 22 caliber model 75 semi auto rifle and where can you get a manual?
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