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It would help if you could tell me which "golden Marlin" model you have? Also condition, features, etc. Marlin made several guns with "Golden" on the barrel, but there should also be a model designation somewhere.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 00:08:41
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Q: What is the value of a Golden Marlin bought 32 years ago?
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What is the value of a marlin 22 model 989?

I'm not sure what they are worth now, but I bought one a few years back for around a hundred bucks..

What year was a marlin golden 39a S7040?

The S prefix dates your marlin model 39a to the years 1958-1959.

If someone purchased a Marlin Golden 39 M 22 rifle about 20 years ago and it's still in excellent condition what its value is today?

About $250-$300.

What year marlin 39a golden serial number s12327?

Your marlin model 39A with the prefix letter S to the serial number,dates your marlin to the years 1958-1959.

What years were the golden 50 22 rifle made?

Marlin made a Golden 39A .22 lever rifle from 1954 to 1963 (serial prefix L through W). The Marlin model 50 was a semi-auto 12 ga. shotgun. If you have a .22 rifle marked "Golden 50," it isn't a Marlin. I have a Golden 50 Glenfield Mod. 65 from the Marlin Firearms company built in 1970.

What is the age and value of a Marlin Golden 39-A Mountie with serial S 228xx in immaculate shape?

I just turned 60 years old (Oct. 2007). I bought a used marlin golden 39-A mountie serial # R 196XX. It could not have been more than ten years old? Very accurate and it came with a Lyman peep sight as well as iron sights. 16 Micro Grove barrel. One of my best and favourite guns. Lots of memories. A most beautiful gun. The year of manufacture for S = 1958-1959.

How much is a marlin 3030 worth that is 35 years old?

I just bought one that is @ 32 years old today and paid $225.00.

What marlin 22LR had a squirrel carved in the stock?

my dad had one , I have it now.I think he got it around 1965I bought one in Cuba on the military base we have there in 1962 and it was a Marlin Golden 39ADL I think it was called. The trigger was gold plated and over the years it disappeared. Best little "squirrel" weapon I have owned. I have a replacement for it but does not have the cared squirrel in the stock.

What is the value of a Marlin Model 336?

They make many models and have made the rifle for years, you need to be more specific.

Marlin Davies buys a truck for 28000 in three years the car depreciates 48 in value How much is the car worth in three years?


Do they make a Marlin 39A golden with A squirrel engraved in the stock?

Yes 1000 made in years 1960, 1961-1963 each year. metal chrome in 1960, blue other years.

What year did marlin make model 995?

The marlin model 995 was made by marlin between the years 1995-1999.

What years did marlin firearms make the 883SS?

These rifles were made from 1993-2003 by marlin.

How much is a model 25 MN marlin worth and what years were they manufactured?

Your marlin model 25 MN was made from 1989-2003.The value of these bolt action .22 mag rifles are between 65-185 dollars.

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Residual value is the future value of a good after depreciation of its initial value. For example you bought a car for $20,000. After two years and 60,000 of mileage it will value of $10,000.

When was the Golden Rule Insurance company founded?

The Golden Rule Insurance company was founded as a family business over 65 years ago in a small Midwestern American town. As of 2003, Golden Rule Insurance was bought by UnitedHealthcare.

How old is a marlin 39a with a serial number AA9947?

Made in 1965, An excellent rifle. My grandchildren are shooting the one my mother bought my dad as an anniversary present years ago.

How long does a blue marlin live?

The average female marlin can live up to 27 years.

What would be the value of a 9 mm Marlin Rifle with a 12 shot clip the rifle is more than 25 years old?

2 dollars!

What is the lifespan of a marlin?

10 - 12 years

How old is Sterling Marlin?

Sterling Marlin is 56 years old (birthdate: June 30, 1957).

How old is Marlin Fitzwater?

Marlin Fitzwater is 68 years old (birthdate: November 24, 1942).

How old is Lene Marlin?

Lene Marlin is 37 years old (birthdate: August 17, 1980).

What is the origin of the phrase the golden years?

The golden years are those surrounding the 50th (Golden) Anniversary.

What year was the marlin model 995 made?

The marlin model 995 was made between the years 1995-1999.