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The Little Scout Model 14-1/2 was made from 1911 to around 1941. It followed the Little Scout Model 14 (one-piece stock, 1906-1911). The lack of the Savage mark probably won't affect the value much. Condition is everything. I have about a dozen 14-1/2s and have paid as little as $75 to as much as $175, and I've seen really nice examples with asking prices exceeding $500; they never seem to sell at that elevated level. Most 14-1/2s on the auction boards go from $100 to $200. Any gunsmith with a lathe could turn a firing pin; the pin is simple and easy to replace. Some on-line parts sellers may have the pins, too, and you can replace it easily yourself by tapping out a small pin that holds it in place.

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Q: What is the value of a J Stevens Little Scout 22 long rifle Model 14 1-2 without the Savage Arms Co mark as with later models and how can you get the firing pin repaired?
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