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as a group artist she was signed in 1995 as a solo artist she was signed in 2000

what artist signed his paintings as t.w

They are signed with Hollywood Records.

Sports fanatics often buy signed football shirts and get them framed. Framed football shirts adds value to the shirt and they can look nice in any room.

The artist that signed his paintings with the signature Dennis, was Denis Dutton.

Demi Lovato is signed to Hollywood Records.

Still looking for photo of Richard Zolan, artist. signed Elizabeth Thompson Still looking for photo of Richard Zolan, artist. signed Elizabeth Thompson

Justin Bieber signed with the artist himself Usher.

I have a J. Herr signed print that I bought in the late 1960"s. It is a humorous Jewish print of an Orthodox man looking at a framed wall picture of a reclining nude. He did a variety of prints with this theme that I have found on line.

There are a number of things that could be meant by a signed watch. It could be a watch with a signed face by the artist.


The value of the Barry Bonds signed jersey depends on the jersey and its condition. Jerseys in excellent condition that are signed and framed sell for close to 1000 dollars as of 2014.

They are currently signed with Hollywood Records.

Amado M. Pena art, signed and dated 1977(signed on the left on the bottom) size12x 16 ExcellantCondition, matted and framed

I have been trying to find out who the artist is also, i have my parents still life (fruit with a pitcher) signed DUV...we are from New York, he or she might just be a local artist from the sixties...

Printers Proof's are most of the time signed by the artist, but are most of the time not numbered.

Artist William W. Tara, who signed his work 'Tara'. Artist was known for posters of clowns, and young women with cats. William W. Tara was a graphic artist who passed away in the 1970s.

If the artist made it himself, it can be signed. If somebody else made it and signed the artist's name, it is a fake or forgery.

A french artist signed to Ed Banger records

In this order: Elektra Capitol Hollywood

Selena Gomez is currently signed to Hollywood Records (a label owned by Disney).

I have a beautiful Landscape picture signed B Chipton does anyone know the artist? I do not know who posted the above, but, I have a signed landscape by B chipton also. I will post additional questions like does anyone know anything about the artist???

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