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What is the value of a Luger pistol?

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Depends heavily on the condition of the weapon (ie; missing pieces, rust, etc.), but a mint condition Luger might fetch $3,000-$5,000.

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What is the value of a broomstick luger?

you probably mean 'broomhandle' pistol....... the came in 30 cal. luger and 9mm luger. value depends on overall condition...............

Value of 1916 Luger Pistol?

value depends on overall condition......................

Value of a World War 2 Luger pistol?

value depends on overall condition..................

1942 German luger 9mm pistol?

value depends on overall condition..................

What is the value of 22 caliber luger pistol?

50 on up depending on EXACTLY what you have

What is value of 1918 luger pistol with Owners name engraved?

value of ANY luger pistol depends on CONDITION.....that said, owners name engrave on the pistol really knocks down the price. go to: and look up lugers for the going price and condition.................

What is the value of a P08 9 mm luger pistol with parabellum ammunition?

value depends on overall condition

Who much could i get for a luger 38 pistol from world war 2?

I believe you may be referring to a P38, not a luger P08. both fire the 9mm cartridge. however, the luger, P08, is more desired by collectors. Also value of any pistol depends on overall condition.............

Who developed the luger pistol?

An Austrian- Georg Luger (no e on Georg)

Can you shoot 9MM luger in a 9mm pistol?

probably If the pistol is designed for 9mm Luger, 9mm Para, or 9x19, yes.

What is the correct name of the Luger pistol?

The correct name of the popular Luger pistol is the Pistol Parabellum 1908 or the Parabellum Pistole. This pistol is toggle logged, semi-automatic, and recoil-operated.

What is a stroger 22cal luger pistol worth?

The spelling is Stoeger. Value $100-200, depending on condition.

What is the value of your 9mm luger mauser parabellum mauser werke a g oberndorf a n pistol?

value depends on overall condition

What would a used 9mm Luger worth?

There is no one answer, as there is no one Luger pistol. There are more than 100 variations of the Luger pistol- some relatively common, some extremely rare. Value would also be driven by condition, and if it has had any changes made to it. Value might be $600 or $6,000. You will need to take this to an experienced dealer who can give you a fair estimate.

Does a luger pistol have a safety?


What is a P-38 Luger worth?

although a P38 fires the same ammo as a Luger (9mm) it is not a Luger. It is a double action pistol that replaced the luger before wars end.......value of P38 can be checked by going to '' and scroll or seek P38...................

What is the Average value of a 1950 German luger hand gun?

luger production ceased about 1942. the P38 took over as the German military pistol during WW2..................any luger made after WW2 were after market pistols.

What is the value of a Stoeger 22 cal Luger?

There were 3 different models of the Stoeger .22 Luger pistol, with slightly varying values. Depending on condition, values are ABOUT $150-$250.

What is the most common German pistol?

The most common Greman pistol was the Luger po8 pistol

What does s 42 stand for on a Luger pistol?

it is the code name for a Mauser made luger

Is there a gun that starts with a L?

Luger pistol

How do you pronounce luger as in Lugar pistol?


What is the value of Luger 9mm Pistol Parabellum P-08?

100- multiple thousands of USD depdending on specifics

What is a luger pistol?

The Luger P08 was a standard sidearm of the German Military in both World Wars.

What is the weppon luger po8?

The P08 Luger was a pistol, and a very iconic one of the Germany during both World Wars. It was also the pistol which introduced the 9x19mm cartridge (also known as the 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger).

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