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What is the value of a M550ABD 12 gauge Western Field shotgun?


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The shotgun is a Mossberg 500. The Standard Catalog lists this at $200 in Very Good condition. Deduct 20-30% for having a Montgomery Ward name stamped on it.

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Mossberg and sons is the manufacturer of your western field model M550ABD,shotgun.The Mossberg model 500 is the same shotgun.

The 12 gauge pump Western Field shotgun, M550ABD with a c-lect choke is valued at $200 in good condition. It is valued at $100 in fair condition.

Pretty sure it was Mossberg. Take a look at a list of Mossberg shotguns. I'm sure you will find one that looks like your Western Field.

how old is a western field 12 gage shotgun browning patend 38535

Where can I buy a magazine for a western field M149 bolt action

Mossberg made that shotgun for Montgomery Ward's Western Field fun line. It was the Model 185 in Mossberg shotgun line.

yes,infact i have one and i can put all types of shells through it with no problem-hope this helps

Depends on which model/manufacturer.

Mossberg!AnswerSeveral different companies made 12 gauge pumps for Western Field. You must provide the model number, which should be stamped on the barrel or receiver of the shotgun. G072293

The Western Field 12 gauge side by side shotgun, serial number 30415 is valued at $225 in excellent condition. In fair condition it is valued at $125.

The Montgomery Ward Western Field 16 gauge 550b shotgun is valued at $200 in excellent condition. Fair condition value is $75.

From a knowledgeable gunsmith, the answer is "Stevens"

1000 bucks. That is how much mine is.

thks what is the value of the western feild shotgun model sb100 what year it was made?

Your shotgun was made by savage/stevens for montgomery wards(westernfield).

Your Western Field shotgun has a value of between 35-90 dollars.

your western field shotgun was made by mossberg,there model number was 385K.These shotguns are worth between 50-150 dollars.

75 - 100 dollars in fair to good condition.

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