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What is the value of a Marlin 25MN with the micro-grooved barrel?


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2006-06-05 10:06:35
2006-06-05 10:06:35

$85 - $140 depending on condition.

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i paid 160 for one today at cabellas

It should be marked on the barrel if it has the Marlin micro groove rifling.The model 25m was made from 1989-2003.That being said it will if it was a early made rifle.

about $125 if in great condiyion about $125 if in great condition

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 25MN was made in the year 1993.

The 25N is .22LR, the 25M is .22 Magnum. There are subvariants of each involving different stocks, different barrel length, etc.

Your Marlin model 25MN was made in the year 1990,with the serial number that you have provided.

I am trying to find out the age of a marlin 25 mn, yet i cannot seem to find a breakdown for the serial number. Can you help?

For just the barrel @ 40 USD. For the entire rifle up to 100 USD depending on condition.

Your rifle should be chambered for .22 Magnum. As such, the chamber is too long and too big for .22 Long Rifle and, if the shell will fire, the case will usually split. Not recommended.

25Mn-55 (the naturally occurring isotope) has 25 protons, 25 electrons and 30 neutrons, 25Mn-54 has 29 neutrons instead but is not a stable isotope.

No, it is not. The sear normally holds the striker back when the weapon is cocked. Something is keeping the sear from doing that. Could be wear, damage or dirt on the striker, the sear, or some part of the trigger is putting pressure on the sear, causing it to be out of position. If a cleaning of the action and bolt, and light lubrication does not fix this, DO NOT LOAD THE RIFLE. It may fire as you close the bolt. Get it to a gunsmith post haste.

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