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I've seen these guns sell in the $150-$300 range, depending on condition. Without a description of your gun's condition, or a picture, I can't tell you what it's true value might be in this range.

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Q: What is the value of a Marlin Model 32 22 s l lr with patent dates March 15 1914 and July 13-20 1915 and serial number 273?
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What is the value of a Marlin Model 97 with November 19 1878 April 2 1889 August 12 1890 March 1 1892 patent dates With serial number 405760?

i have the same dates on my 97 22 but i have serial number A2284 for 97% is about 2500$ 10% is 375$ i dont have my book on me but that sould give you a idea

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Marlin Model 38 pump action with an octagon barrel and patents March 17 Sept 15 1914 and July 13 20 1915?

The model 38 Marlin is a very unique action. It breaks open like a shotgun, and was not made for many years. I see these 38's going in the $150-$250 range, unless they are in excellent condition. The serial number is the best way to determine a firearms age. The serial number for your gun should be located on the side of the tang, observable when the stock is removed. The patent dates also indicate that this should be your serial number placement. Your gun will probably also be lacking the Marlin "Bulls eye" found in the later production 38's. As far as I can tell there more than 24000 Model 38's were manufactured from 1921 through 1930 and your 38 probably is among the first 11000 (the serial number will tell). An "A" prefix serial number is the subsequent series. The "A" prefix guns carry additional patent dates, external serial numbers and the "Bull's Eye". I do not know guns but here is what I see on my Marlin 38. External serial No. 10680 stamped just ahead of the trigger guard (without "A" prefix). Patent dates as in the above answers with additional dates through June 6, 1922. Bird's eye present on stock.

What is a Hopkins and Allen handgun worth that has a patent date of March 23 1871 and a number on it XL no4 ny and a serial no 496a?

10-175 USD or so

How much is a rifle marked Henry's Patent October 16 1860 and King's Patent March 29 1866 and serial 21454?

send me a picture of the rifle

What year was the marlin serial?

Jan. 18 1887, April 2 1889, aug. 12 1890, and march 1 1892

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How can you find the date and value of a Glenfield Model 30A serial number 7204615 with a deer head on it?

The Glenfield brand is part of Marlin firearms. The most definitive answer will come from Marlin. And the nice folks at Marlin Customer Service just told me that your rifle was made in March of 1972. As far as value, depends on condition. In Excellent condition, these currently sell for between $375-$400. The 30A is a slightly plainer version of the Marlin 336- an excellent rifle.

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What is the value of a Colts pt fa mfg co Hartford Ct US patented Aug 5 1884 Nov 6 88 March 5 95 Serial number 145688 the number 192 is on a clip holding the barrell?

Impossible to value with just patent dates and a serial number. A DETAILED description of ALL markings, features, finish, condition, barrel length, sights, box, papers, accessories, and caliber are needed.

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