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Condition is the main factor in the value of your rifle, the value could be as low as 75.00 and as high as 450.00 in 90% condition. If the rifle has not been fired the value is up to the person bidding on it. Emmett Answer The Marlin 29 Slide-action repeater was made from 1913-1916. The above numbers should be the patent years so others could be sued if they copied it.

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Q: What is the value of a Marlin Number 29 22 caliber rifle with the following numbers 1889 1890 1892 1904?
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Where is serial number on marlin 100 single shot?

Many .22 caliber rifles made before 1968 did not have serial numbers. This would include your Marlin 100.

What is the age marlin model 336 30 30 caliber rifle serial number 71 156562?

The first 2 numbers of your serial number indicate when it was made.In this case your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1971.

What year was marlin model 336 RC 35 caliber serial number AD10411?

1966 I have the same one serial numbers and all

What is the age of a marlin 22 caliber model 75c serial 17301919?

1983. marlin, after 73 dropped alphabetical prefixes and used the first two numbers in the serial number to identify the year. Anything after 73, you subtract 100 from the first two numbers in the serial number. 100-17=83. Any marlin works this way.

What year was a marlin 336sc 35 caliber rifle with serial number G57503?

Your marlin 336sc(standard carbine) was made by the marlin firearms company in 1950.

What year was marlin 39A 22 caliber model number J18170 made?

The J prefix to your serial number indicates that your marlin model 39A was made in 1952.

Where is the serial number on a Marlin model 81 22 rifle?

Early firearms in .22 caliber were not required to have a serial number. Your Marlin 81 falls into this time frame.

What year was marlin 336 caliber 30-30 serial number 20103507 made?


Where would the serial number for a 32 caliber marlin handgun made in 1887 at?

Somewhere on the frame.

What year was the Marlin 336 caliber 30-30 with serial number 25041149 manufactured?


What year was your Marlin 39A Mountie serial number R5077 made?

This Marlin 39A Mountie .22 Caliber Lever-action rifle with serial number R5077 was manufactured between 1957-1958.

What year was marlin model 336 RC 35 caliber serial number m3237 made?

1955 1955